Viewsonic vx2457-MHD Review

ViewSonic is bringing a new thing to the tech industry with its incredible VX2457-MHD monitor. It is a combination of exciting features, price, and ideal 24-inch display size. Besides, the built-quality is also worth mentioning, making it perfect for giving you an outstanding gaming experience. It is one of the best gaming monitors in the market.

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ViewSonic VX2457-MHD Review 24-Inch Monitor

Product Overview

  • Brand          ViewSonic
  • Display Technology   LCD 
  • Resolution       FHD 1080p
  • Screen Size      24-Inch
  • Connectivity     USB, HDMI, Display Port
  • Color               Black
  • Price                Under 200

ViewSonic VX2457-MHD is an excellent addition to your entertainment collections. It offers all the necessary features that could take your gaming experience to the next level, giving you no choice to regret it at any moment. 

The brand claims that the model is the all-rounder for gaming and entertainment requirements with an ideal price tag. Besides, the current demand for the monitor clears all the doubts about its durability and functionality.

Now, without further ado, let’s explore the features of one of ViewSonic’s best monitors and see why it secures all the hype in the market.

Features of ViewSonic VX2457-MHD Monitor

Design and Specifications

ViewSonic chooses to come up with TN Panel with this model. Since it is the primary reason for the lower price tag, it also claims many technological advancements like rapid response time. It also gives a premium look with a 24-Inch screen size. However, the TN panel has its utter downsides, like the monitor’s base doesn’t support the height adjustment feature, eventually delivers poor viewing angles.

If we talk about the monitor’s specifications, it is a great deal of all the basic gaming and entertainment functions. With a 24-Inch standard screen size, it delivers FHD 1080p resolution responsible for making a display picture on the screen. 

Moreover, you will get approximately 16:9 and 1000:1 Aspect ratio and Contrast ratio, respectively. It also has built-in speakers, but considering the offering price, it may not satisfy your sound needs and you might get external speakers. So, be ready. The connectivity options are great (we will breakdown in detail), and the game mode with all the gaming features makes it stand out.

As far as the monitor’s overall look is concerned, it appears classic in the Glossy plastic material. You may have to cleanse it more often, as the entire piece is fingerprint magnetic. Moreover, the thin two-tone bezel adds points to the overall appearance.

Connectivity Options

ViewSonic vx2457-MHD offers a hub of connectivity ports. It must surprises you with all the connectivity options it has to offer, like a USB 2.0 port, Display, VGA, and HDMI ports to connect your laptops or gaming consoles, and a D-Sub port. It also has 3.5mm input and output ports for your audio/video connections. Hence, you will get to have incredible options to connect your gadgets, enhancing the user experience.

Display Performance

ViewSonic vx2457-MHD offers a good display performance. It aims to deliver impressive display quality with vibrant colors. The 92% sRGB coverage area is responsible for bright and accurate colors on the screen and a 1000:1 contrast ratio that provides depth transitions.

Furthermore, the monitor’s display performance is appealing for gaming purposes and for watching movies and shows for hours. Besides, the brightness level and color temperature are default according to the gaming needs. However, you can set it manually when you watch a movie or use the monitor for work purposes.

Gaming Features

It is primarily a gaming monitor, so it definitely has all the exciting gaming features to attract as many gamers as possible. I assume you are also looking for the best gaming monitor, So think about few characteristics that you need in your monitor at any cost.

I am sure the low input lag is the first thing that comes to your mind. ViewSonic vx2457-MHD makes sure you receive a low input lag of around 2.7ms at the top and 17.6ms at the bottom, while 10.6ms at the middle. You can get these numbers by manually setting your response time to the “Advanced” mode in settings. Besides, by default, it aims to deliver a 2ms GTG response time to the gamers that lessen the chance of motion blur on the screen’s fast-moving actions. Therefore, it is better to keep the response time at “Advanced” mode as it is the most optimal among standard, advanced and ultra-fast modes.

Moreover, to your surprise, this best gaming monitor has something exceptional to offer that you will never be going to get in this price tag. Yes, it provides Adaptive-Sync or FreeSync technology support to your gaming monitor, so you are not going to experience screen tearing or stuttering while playing your favorite game on the screen. I hope you are ready for the luxurious gaming experience in this inexpensive best gaming monitor.

Lastly, you will also get the option of selecting from Game Mode Hotkey that has individual user preferences among FPS 1, FPS2 RTS, and MOBA that automatically convert the settings of color and technology according to the specific games you play.

Finally, I would say it is a great package with rich features and a standard screen size ideal for gaming and entertainment. I second its all-rounder monitor claim because it is indeed an attractive piece of technology at a reasonable price except for few drawbacks. Besides, the monitor’s overall performance won’t give you the room to think about its pitfalls like poor viewing angles. I am sure you will also claim it to be one of the best gaming monitors in the market.

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ViewSonic vx2457-MHD is an all-rounder 24-Inch gaming monitor that features all the appealing qualities and functions one must look at in his monitor. It is winning our hearts from rich connectivity ports to delivering high visuals with powerful pixels on the screen. Moreover, all the gaming features are enough to grab attention, but the price tag of $200 is pie on the cake.

I highly recommend this gaming monitor among all the other alternative monitors at this range. It is the best for all your home, work, and gaming needs.

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