Samsung U28E590D 28-Inch Monitor Review

The Samsung U283590D is a 28-Inch massive monitor that is currently the most reliable yet inexpensive monitor in the market. Samsung has been in the market for ages, and people trust the reliability of its product. Besides, it is a 4K monitor that aims to provide better image quality with all the necessary features.

However, considering the affordability, the brand might have to compromise on few things, but it is overall a significant monitor for different uses.

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Let’s see what it has to offer and why it is hyped as one of the best monitors.

Samsung U28E590D Review

Product Overview

  • Brand:               Samsung
  • Display Technology :   LED
  • Resolution:     4K UHD 2160p
  • Screen size:      28 Inches
  • Connectivity:   HDMI, display port, 3.5mm audio out port
  • Color:          Metallic Silver, Black Glossy
  • Price:              Under    $350

Samsung would never disappoint its customers with its products. It always surprises with a new invention and sometimes with a new product that possesses all the qualities of an expensive one, but on a tight budget.

Samsung U28E590D 28-Inch is another affordable monitor of the brand that proposes 4K technology and stunning gaming features. It also allows you to connect other gadgets and experience high-level entertainment on the big screen. Similarly, there are many different qualities of a Samsung u28e590D that make it unique among its alternatives. Let’s see what the misery is behind this handsome piece.

Main Features of the Samsung U28E590D 28-Inch Monitor

Specifications of the Model

It is a well-designed monitor that comes with black glossy and metallic silver color. Metallic silver gives a luxurious look in a giant 28-inch display screen. The picture quality is terrific, and the object details are breathtaking. Besides, there’s also PIP technology available that allows you to multitask on different projects simultaneously.

Moreover, it has an operating system that is compatible with Mac and Windows, and that’s good news for all the workaholic buddies. The monitor is also VESA compatible for comfortable use. At last, apart from the gaming features, it has excellent connectivity options that keep you equipped with something new at every hour.

The setup of the monitor is also easy as Samsung has a habit of keeping this simple. It comes with a light stand, and it requires about two screws to attach the monitor, making it ready to use. Besides, you can tilt the monitor forward or backward for specific degrees, obviously set it to your comfort level. However, you have to move through the base for the left or right positions.

Finally, the most important and attractive feature of the monitor is its Eye Saver Mode. It reduces the emission of blue lights on the screen, which is definitely harmful to your eyesight. This mode keeps your eyes safe and provides you a pleasing experience for the extended use of the screen. Now you can play games, edit pictures, read and make documents on the big 28-Inch Samsung monitor without worries.


As I mention, Samsung likes to keep things simple. You will find all the connectivity ports by the monitor’s rear center. You can easily insert or remove cables as they are accessible and require no effort. Besides, you will be getting two HDMI 2.0 ports, one display 1.4 port, and a headphone jack.


Samsung U28E590D 28-Inch monitor performs relatively well. Though we do not expect much considering the price, we are still getting enough to have a better user experience. It delivers 4K images on 2160 resolution. The image quality is impressive, with a good color depiction.

The details and color saturation are also better, but I felt a noticeable drawback is its poor viewing angles. They can ruin the picture quality when viewing the screen to a certain degree. Anyone can expect this drawback after hearing the TN panel integration in the monitor.

Speaking about the TN panel, it also has its benefits. You will get to enjoy the response time speed of only 1ms, which is incredible. It not only provides you a smooth picture with motion clarity at its peak but also reduces lagging behind the fast action scenes on games and movies. Moreover, this fantastic monitor features a 9ms input lag which is also a plus point at this budget

Other Features

Many other attractive features are also worth mentioning that make the monitor worth buying. It contains a Game mode that automatically brings all the necessary gaming features you might need while playing. It is an appealing option that saves time and effort to change the settings manually. On the other hand, the PIP and Picture by Picture feature will also amaze you. PIP 2.0 technology allows you to multitask, like working on your projects and watching your favorite show simultaneously.

Though it allows you to adjust the window size according to your comfort, it will never compromise the picture quality of each window you open.

Next, we have the AMD FreeSync feature to discuss. It helps in lowering the input latency, eventually reducing image tearing and stuttering during fast-paced games. Also, the 60Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time is no surprise in Samsung monitors. Response time promises clarity and less ghosting in fast-moving scenes. Indeed the following features improve the gaming experience and bring the next level of fun to your lives.

Hence, it is a fascinating and decent monitor that will satisfy your gaming and entertainment needs under a tight budget. It does have its flaws, but all the attractive features and a reasonable price tag should be enough to cover them.

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Samsung has been in the market for ages now. We don’t remember the last time it produces a product that didn’t make it enough profit. Similarly, this product is winning hearts despite its noticeable drawbacks. However, one billion colors on screen with sharp object details attract your attention in no time. It features a TN panel which ultimately promises fast response time, eventually providing low input lag.

The overall build quality is also durable, and at this rate, you are getting more than you could imagine. Besides, Samsung’s more monitors could offer excellent functions, but the price could be slightly high.

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