LG 38WN95C-W Review

LG is the brand that has been serving the market by producing incredible products. Their collection of electronic appliances are a great investment for many years. Likewise, their monitors are a wonderful entertainment source because LG gives attention to details and tries to integrate the latest tech to meet the latest trends.

LG 38WN95C-W Review is going to uncover everything that you don’t know yet. Since it is an Ultrawide QHD monitor with a massive 38-inch screen size,  it will do justice by delivering incredible display quality and the pleasing features to work.

It is valuable financing for your home, office, and of course, for all the gaming needs.  The big size display would give you cinematic vibes from your home comfort, and it can also take part for you to multitask in the office. I would call the monitor a multitasker device that will save time, effort and provides pleasure.

LG 38WN95C-W Monitor

Product Overview

  • Brand                   LG
  • Display tech          LED
  • Resolution           

    4K UHD Ultra Wide 1600p

  • Screen size           38 Inches
  • Connectivity        HDMI, DisplayPort, USB, Thunderbolt 3, headphone jack
  • Series                    38WN95C-W
  • Color                     White/Silver
  • Aspect Ratio          21:9

This monitor is ready to secure a place on your office desk with an attractive design and a huge display. The unique advantage of the 38-inches display with a 21:9 Aspect Ratio allows you to easily open multiple tabs at once and enhance your productivity at work. Besides, you can fulfill your work requirements while watching the latest movie. At home, you can stream your favorite movies and shows on the LG 38WN95C-W as it delivers impressive display performance with all the bright colors.

Similarly, the big screen sizes add extra fun while playing games. The dedicated gaming features would be a bonus point which I can see in this monitor. In short, this monitor is worth a shot and is a tremendous addition to the LG monitors family. Let’s explore LG 38WN95C-W a little more and see why it became a hype of the market in such a short time of its release.

LG 38WN95C-W Features

38-inch Ultrawide monitor could be a long-term investment for different purposes. Technology and such products are not something that you can purchase more often, so you need to be pretty careful while getting one.

Speaking of being cautious, the best thing to do is gather as much information as possible and decide accordingly. You should make your mind about why you need a monitor and what you will do with it. Then, look for the features you need, and if the budget suits you, get it immediately. Besides, here are some of the qualities of LG 38WN95C-W that will come along.


The overall look of the monitor is simple yet decent. The curved display has thick bezels, black color front, and the back of the monitor is white and entirely plastic with a hub of connectivity ports. I did not find a built-in webcam, but I can see a light sensor for automatic brightness adjustments at the screen’s top edge. It is also a great addition as the monitor automatically adjusts the display brightness according to the display content need. It will enhance the display performance.

Moreover, the monitor supports superb ergonomics as it allows height adjustment and tilts for setting it at a comfortable position.


LG always has a deep focus on delivering accurate colors with a satisfactory brightness level for premium display performance. The monitor claims 100% of sRGB color gamut coverage, 88% of AdobeRGB, and 95% of DCI-P3. These surprising stats indicate that the colors on display are rich and accurate with peak brightness. On the flip side, it has an anti-reflective treatment that ensures no glare and no disturbance on the screen, making it an ideal monitor for gaming.

Furthermore, the high pixel density makes an accurate image on the screen. It provides premium display performance while watching fast-paced action scenes. Also, the nano IPS display is the heart of displays. It ensures wide viewing angles and better image quality.

Connectivity ports

LG 38WN95C-W offers a hub of connectivity inputs to let you connect different devices for several purposes. Since you can use it as an office monitor, DisplayPort will help you connect laptops and other PCs. Two HDMI ports are also available with a USB Type C port and Thunderbolt 3, which will help you recharge your laptop while connecting it to the other device. There are also two USB Type-A port inputs available for maximum connectivity.


You can do some serious gaming with the LG 38WN95C-W as it is well-designed to deliver incredible results. Apart from 38-inches screen size and 21:9 aspect ratio, the monitor runs at a 144Hz refresh rate with 1ms of response time. These numbers surely excite you but hold down for more. It supports AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync tech to save the screen from stuttering, tearing and enhance your overall graphics experience. Besides, the monitor supports high-end graphic cards and plays a part in reducing flicker in both HDR and SDR modes.

Audio Quality

LG 38WN95C-W is a perfect monitor from all angles. From delivering accurate colors and exciting gaming features, its sound system is also winning hearts. It comprises two 5W built-in stereo speakers with rich bass support.  The speakers are loud enough to eliminate the need for external speakers.




LG 38WN95C-W review finally disclosed surprising points that force every monitor freak to buy it. It is an exceptional monitor that is perfect for home and office use. The gaming features are also shocking and make us thirty to play games all the time.

Hence it is a reasonable investment if you genuinely want to update your monitor.

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