LG 34BK95U-W Monitor Review

LG is a big name in the electronics industry for making high-end products with the latest tech addition. LG delivers the newest hardware, specs; the designs are impressive and sleek and ultra-widescreen for the luxury sensory experience. You can expect the latest gaming features from LG products.

This product from LG is another valuable addition to the product line. LG 34BK95U-W review will be disclosing all the terrific characteristics and functions that will force you to update your existing monitor for good. This HDR monitor delivers a splendid display experience that you want to use for home, office, and gaming purposes. It can be an all-rounder for you with its massive screen size.

Product Overview

  • Brand               LG
  • Display tech    LCD
  • Resolution      5K UHD Ultra Wide 2160p
  • Screen Size     34 Inches
  • Connectivity  
  • Model No.        38BK95U-W
  • Color                 Black
  • Aspect Ratio    21:9

It is a perfect monitor for content creators because the 34-inch screen size allows opening multiple tabs simultaneously. You would work on a 5:9 area while streaming 16:9 4K video at the same time. It is a significant long-term investment for all the editors, programmers, developers, and other content creators.

The screen colors are bright and clear, with sharp details to enjoy the actual content. The company keeps a close eye on the latest trends and designs for continuously evolving its products to attract users. This model is also very attractive, meeting all the modern-day creativities. It is 34 Inches black color monitor with slim bezels with robust build quality. Worth mentioning, LG never compromises the quality of the material; no matter what their products look like, they must be durable.

 Speaking of material, LG 34bk95u-w monitor comes with a metal stand responsible for holding the monitor and keeping it in place. It is U-shaped thin metal stand, you may doubt its function to stable the monitor, but it will never disappoint you. There are many other exciting features of the LG 34BK95U-W model waiting for you to explore. But first, we will have a look at the specs of the monitor.

LG 34BK95U-W Monitor Specifications

LG products offer a lot of things and never compromise on the quality. Similarly, this product comes at a 34-inch screen size with Nano IPS panel tech. The resolution numbers are surprising, and there’s a chance you won’t read further and make a buying decision right here. Yes, it secures 5120 x 2160 pixel count, making the picture clear and bright on the screen. Moreover, the Display is also compatible with VESA Display HDR 600, and the contrast ratio stands at 1200:1 (static), which is also a pretty good number for the monitor.

We will talk about the connectivity ports in detail, but I must say this budgeted LG monitor also contains built-in 5W speakers with incredible sound levels.

Other features of the monitor are as follows.

Display Performance

LG has a 5K ultrawide display, which means 163 pixels per inch on a 34-inch display is a big deal. The pixels are responsible for making a picture on the screen, so you can imagine that such high pixel density will take care of delivering accurate graphics. Also, the Nano IPS panel promises a 135% sRGB color gamut coverage area for rich color quality on the screen.

Furthermore, the brightness uniformity is also satisfactory, and we didn’t experience any dead pixels on the screen. The monitor has a response time of 5ms (GTG) which is enough to reduce ghosting and provide a better viewing experience for everyday use.

You can further discover exciting features on OSD, including different picture preset for HDR and SDR modes.


You will get a hub of connectivity ports with an LG 34BK95U-W monitor. There will be two HDMI 2.0 ports, one Display optical port, Thunderbolt 3 port input, two USB 3.0 ports, and a 3.5mm headphone jack input. It is enough for multiple devices to connect and enjoy to the extent.


LG also cares about gamers and adds few essential features to please all the gamers out there. Apart from high resolution, which is a bonus point for your gaming graphics, this monitor also contains low input lag and 5ms of fast response time. It will be enough for your basics and gaming needs because the two built-in speakers will be participating to please you for the audio needs.

Sound Quality

Though the monitor comes with two 5W built-in speakers, their audio quality could be better. They are loud enough and produce clear noises for everyday use, but if you are more into the sound systems, you may have to invest in the pair of external speakers. Besides, there is an option of a 3.5mm headphone jack to use for Music and gaming.

OSD Navigation

Now, you can easily control the on-screen functions of the LG 34BK95U-W monitor with a joystick right below the middle of the Display. It will be easy and responds quickly as possible.

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LG 34BK95U-W monitor is a stunning all-rounder from terrific design to incredible display performance, and it won our hearts. Whether you put it on the table with a u-shape metal stand or mount it with VESA, it will add value to the place.

Though it is expensive than the competitors, every feature it offers worth a shot. It allows multitasking and a terrific product for modern-day content creators. It can help them making content and monitor their performance simultaneously. Besides, the pixel count and color stats are impressive despite the satisfactory audio quality of the speakers. In short, this is the best monitor to consider.

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