HP VH240a Review

HP VH240a Review: We all know HP as a leading brand in the tech industry. We have been using HP’s products for over a decade now. They are decent, long-lasting, and budget-friendly products. HP always keeps the latest trends in mind and integrates advanced tech to better user experience.

HP VH240a is another fascinating monitor that comes in 23.8-inch screen size. The Full HD monitor delivers stunning display quality, making the monitor perfect for everyday use. Usually, this screen size is ideal for offices because it does not consume much space and sets on the desk easily.

Also, the bezel-less frame would give you enough display room to open tabs, and the decent design won’t distract you in the middle of the work. However, the built-in speakers might attract you because it is a beautiful addition to this business monitor.

HP VH240a Monitor

Product Overview

  • Brand                  HP
  • Display tech        LED
  • Resolution        FHD 1080p
  • Screen size         24 Inches
  • Color                    Black
  • Series                  VH240a
  • Connectivity      VGA and HDMI 

HP VH240a is a reasonable business monitor with all the necessary features you need to perform your everyday tasks. The IPS panel of the monitor does wonders by providing wide viewing angles and improved display brightness. The overall performance of the monitor is pretty well, making it suitable for the adjustable workspace.

Furthermore, the monitor’s ultra-slim design looks incredible on the desk, and the stand with ergonomic support makes it a comfortable use. 178-degree angles allow vibrant viewing from any position without compromising on the sharp object details you get to see from the front.

Similarly, Full HD resolution gives enough screen space with extra-sharp object details because of the 92 pixels per inch. It is responsible for display accuracy and superior performance.

There are other appealing qualities of an HP VH240a monitor that would attract you, of course, other than a reasonable price tag.

HP VH240a Monitor Specs

Gaming and Performance

HP VH240a performs very well as HP claims it as a business monitor. Response time speed of 5ms and 60hz of refresh rate would allow you to work smoothly and stream different content. 60Hz of refresh rate would be efficient for home and office use by providing soft visuals. Though these numbers are not satisfactory for gaming, you will still play video games without motion blur or any trailing.

Likewise, 11ms of input lag speed is pretty noticeable with crisp images for gaming purposes. The display colors are vibrant and accurate, well uniformed, and saturated. It claims to have 72% of NTSC, which means around 100% of sRGB color gamut coverage for the 16.7 million colors on the screen. Also, it supports 8-bit color depth functionality for better display performance and vibrant colors to watch.


This monitor is decent as it is specifically designed for business use. The bezels are pretty slim, giving enough screen space to perform your tasks efficiently. The screen size is 23.8-inches (almost 24) which is also reasonable for standard use.

 Likewise, the front is simple, and there is nothing for distraction; you will see all the adjusting buttons along with a power button at the bottom and the connectivity ports at the back. HP VH240a also allows pretty great ergonomics that include height adjustment, pivot adjustment, swivel by 360 degrees, and tilt at 30 degrees via a short mounting arm.

Connectivity options

There is not a hub of connectivity ports, and you will get fundamentals for your necessary connections. HP VH240a includes one HDMI 1.4 port and one VGA port. There’s also a headphone jack for the built-in speakers. Unfortunately, there is no separate port for the headphones and no USB ports available.

OSD Navigation

On the right side of the monitor, you will find hotkeys for OSD navigation. These four hotkeys made the OSD user-friendly and quick. You can use them for specific OSD function shortcuts.

You can switch between HDMI or VGA and different picture preset modes with the less blue-light emission for using the monitor at dark on the OSD Menu.

Sound Quality

HP VH240a comes with two additional built-in speakers that perform well in a room and ample space. Though they are not loud, and there will be no bass richness, they are still satisfactory for everyday use.




HP VH240a is a decent choice if you plan to buy a monitor for everyday office use. The overall display performance is appealing, and there will be some attractive gaming features coming your way. The price tag is pretty reasonable at this incredible and flickers-free display performance.

If you are not looking for something extraordinary and your budget is tight, you should give this monitor a chance.

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