How to use laptop as monitor for Switch?

Generally, people or gamers like to play their Nintendo switch games on TV or a big screen but if you are getting bored because your TV broke down or you are somewhere elsewhere TV or a big screen is not available to play Nintendo switch then you do not have to be worried anymore or get bored because if you got a laptop and your switch console with you then you can definitely play your games wherever you are. You might be thinking about how you can turn your laptop into gaming equipment.

Well, for this purpose we are here to serve you and help you save from this killing boredom. We are going to cover the method step by step that tells you how to use laptop as monitor for switch so it can be convenient for you to understand everything and follow every step to resume your wonderful and incredible experience of gaming from where you left last time. You might need some other gadgets or cables to connect the laptop and switch but the good thing is that they are easily available everywhere.

How to use laptop as monitor for Switch?

If you are thinking that you can connect the laptop to the dock of your Nintendo Switch to play games then it is wrong because both the devices come with an HDMI output port and can only connect to devices that have an HDMI input port so we need to turn some ways to connect both devices. This might seem difficult to you but once you start understanding everything it will be super easy for you to understand every step.


The method requires many things and connections so it looks lengthy and time-consuming but in reality, it will only take 5 to 10 minutes to complete the procedure. You require some things for this procedure that we listed below:

  • Nintendo switch
  • Laptop
  • Capture card
  • HDMI cables
  • Software

Step # 1: Setting up Nintendo switch

The first step of the procedure is to set up your Nintendo switch. You just need to connect the console of the Nintendo switch with the dock via a USB cable that comes with this gaming system. The dock is an important part to connect your switch to different devices to play games. But if you have lost your dock or if it is broken then you might need to find other alternatives such as HDMI or USB cable.

Step # 2: Setting up a laptop

The next step of the procedure is to set up your laptop so it can be ready for the gaming experience. You need to turn your laptop on and go to the settings. In the settings, you will display a tab. You need to adjust the frames per second, resolution, and other graphics of the laptop to match the gaming level.

Step # 3: Connecting cables

The third step that you have to follow is connecting different cables to attach all the three devices: capture card, laptop, and Nintendo switch. You need to take the HDMI cable and attach the output side into the dock of the Nintendo Switch and then connect the input side with the capture card. Now, you have to take a USB cable and similarly attach the laptop and capture card.

Step # 4: Installing capture card

The second last step of the procedure is to install the capture card on the laptop and dock the Nintendo switch. You are all done with the connection process of capturing the card by attaching all the wires but you are not completely done here with the procedure. You need to open the capture software on your laptop and also turn the dock on. Since, you have attached all the wires and cables with the Nintendo switch, laptop, and capture card, you will see that the software of the capture card has appeared on your laptop.

Step # 5: Adjusting the settings

The last step of this method of turning your laptop screen into a monitor screen is by adjusting settings and doing other adjustments to run the game properly without any trouble. For this step, you need to open the capture software on your laptop and set all the factors and things according to your needs and requirements.

You can use the joy-con controllers that come with the Nintendo switch to move the cursor and play the game on the screen of the laptop. You can also use joy-con controllers and different parts of the Nintendo switch and console for other purposes like entering full screen, live streaming, recording your gameplays, or you can also chat in the game. You can use your laptop to complete other tasks as well as play games.


To conclude our informational article and step-by-step guide “how to use laptop as monitor for switch”, we prepare a summary of all the important points and factors so it can be easy for you to remember and recall things when you need them. First, you need to set up your laptop and Nintendo switch then you need to install a capture card. Lastly, you need to connect the three gadgets with cables and then adjust all the settings to run games smoothly and speedily.

We hope that our efforts and time spent on this bear fruit and you were able to understand and solve your screen problems by connecting your Nintendo switch to a laptop for gaming on the go. We made sure that we explain the procedure to you in the simplest and easiest way so there is no chance left for any mistake or complication. If you do not want to waste your time and effort, then follow the procedure with us attentively so all things are set and done on the first try.

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