How to use laptop as monitor for PS4?

Have you ever considered what would happen if your TV screen stopped working or somehow it is broken on which you connect your PS4 to play games and pass time on boring days? Well, this unfortunate event can happen one day and it might have happened if you are curious about how you can still play your adventurous and action game on your PS4. To get all the answers to your concerns and to clear out the concerns, we present to you this guide. You do not have to worry as we also said before that you can still play your entertaining games without a TV screen. And this is possible because you can turn your laptop screen into a monitor screen for gaming on your favorite PS4. We assure you that this guide will prove to be very handy and useful for you as we are going to tell you how to use laptop as monitor for PS4 with different connectivity methods and arrangements.

How to use laptop as monitor for PS4?

If you are thinking that this is going to be hard then you need to leave this thought as quickly as possible since we bring you these methods that are very convenient and we also tried our best to make things simple and easy so you do not have any trouble in following whole procedures or methods.

Method # 1: Using remote play

The first method that we are going to follow to convert the screen of a laptop into a screen of the monitor for gaming is via remote play. You will need these things for this procedure.

  • Laptop
  • PS4 console
  • Internet
  • USB cable

The first step of this procedure is to download the remote play from the app store or the play store on your laptop. The remote play app was launched by Sony for the playstations to connect to other devices. Now, the next step is to set and update your PS4. You need to go to the settings of your PS4 and then to the network. Under the network, you will see account management. You need to activate the primary PS4 by enabling it.

Next, you need to go to the system software update and then upgrade your PS4 version to 3.50. Once your PS4 is upgraded, you have to again go to settings and then you will see remote play settings. Enable it to move further. The next step is to open the remote play app that you downloaded on the laptop. Go to the settings of the remote play application and adjust settings according to your gaming requirements like frames per second, resolution, and other things.

It is time to connect your laptop to the PS4 console. Take a USB cable and connect one side of your cable to the laptop and the other side of the cable to your PS4 console. You are all connected to the laptop through your console. Now, you just need to open the remote play app and log in to your playstation account to continue gaming. 

Method # 2: Using capture card

The second method includes a capture card that you can easily find on the internet and in stores. You need to gather these things to complete the procedure.

  • Laptop
  • Capture card
  • HDMI cable
  • PS4 console
  • Internet connection

You need to install the capture card on your laptop via a USB cable. Attach one side of the cable to the laptop and use the other side to connect the capture card. If you want to run your games on high resolution and at a fast speed then you need to have a high-quality capture card.

Now, use the HDMI cable to attach the console and capture the card. You also need to attach an S-video cable to your capture card and console for video output. Your laptop is all connected to the PS4 console. Now, you need to adjust the settings of your laptop with PS4 to start gaming efficiently. Turn on the laptop and PS4 console.

You also have to run the capture card software on your PS4 to make it compatible. The next step is to adjust the settings of your laptop. Go to settings and locate the display settings of your laptop. Under the display settings, you need to set frames per second, resolution, and other graphics settings. After you have set all these things according to your requirements and laptop, you can enjoy your games on the laptop.


Both the methods of using a laptop as a monitor for PS4 are very effective and also very easy to follow but we recommend you to use remote play to convert your laptop screen into a monitor because it is an official application developed and launched by the brand itself as an alternative solution to convert your laptop into a gaming screen. You can easily find the remote play app on the play store. However, if remote play is not available due to some reasons, a capture card is also a great way to convert a laptop into a monitor for a gaming screen.

As we conclude our article “How to use laptop as monitor for PS4”, we are more than happy that we were able to help you solve the problem and could be a part of this solution to change your boring days into more entertaining days again. Now, you can start playing your PS4 games again without having to wait for your TV or monitor to get repaired and fixed. You only have to be careful and attentive while following both the procedures as it involves wires and cables so you must take precautions and measures in advance.

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