How to Play Games on Second Monitor Windows 10?

You must be confused and irritated right now as we can assume that you have bought a new monitor to play wide-screen games on two monitors, but now you cannot connect them or do not know how to play games on the second monitor windows 10. We must tell you that it is a great pleasure to run games on the latest windows version with multiple screens while creating an atmosphere of real-life experience.

As we pumped you enough to get the motivation, it is time that we give you a surprise that will bring a smile to your face. Well, the surprise that we brought to you is that we will present a step-by-step guide with essential details so you can know how to play games on second monitor windows 10. You have to follow all the steps to have an experience of playing high-end games on two monitors.

How to play games on second monitor windows 10?

It might seem challenging to connect monitors and run games on both monitors simultaneously, but it is not as it looks, and with this simple and easy method, it will become easier and more convenient for you. It will be perfect to understand everything if you stay focused and determined to learn all the steps by heart.


For this method, you do not need anything extra to make things work out. But you do need the cables and wires that come with the second monitor to set it up together with the first monitor. This method will only take a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes of your time to set all the things and enjoy your favorite game on dual screens with a broad view.

Step # 1: Set up the second monitor

The first step of how to play games on second monitor windows 10, is to connect and set up your second monitor with the system. You need to take an HDMI cable to connect your second monitor. Take one side of the cable, attach it to your monitor, take the other side of the HDMI cable and connect it with the system or your laptop. You can connect your monitor to a laptop, PC system, or other TV according to which suits you best. Ensure that both the screens are close to each other so you can see easily and it will be easy to connect cables.

Step # 2: Adjusting the display settings

The next thing you need to do after connecting the second monitor is to adjust the display and other settings to work correctly with other devices. Turn your monitor on, go to the settings, select the display tab, and modify all the settings such as resolution, frames per rate, graphics, and other settings according to you. You can also distinguish your monitors by making them primary and secondary monitors. After adjusting all the settings, you have to click apply to finish the process and close the settings prompt.

Step # 3: Setting game on dual monitors

After setting the second monitor and modifying all the settings, we need to play both monitors. To play the game on both monitors, you have to open the game and maximize it to both the screens to play it on both screens. If you want to play the game on a single monitor, you can drag the dialog box of the game to monitor number 1 or monitor to 2 according to your choice.

You can also change the screens in the settings to adjust your work and game simultaneously. You can use alt + enter to make your game go into the full-screen mode, or you can also quit full-screen mode with the same combination. You also have the option to change this short key in the settings of the game.

Step # 4: Changing the settings

If you are satisfied with all the settings and displays of both monitors, there is no need to follow this step, and you can skip this step moving to the next. But if something might be bothering you about the display or arrangement of the two monitors, you can again adjust it in the settings. There are two settings options you can adapt. One is in-game settings, and the other is system settings. You first need to identify which settings you need to modify.

Step # 5: Deactivating the second monitor

Here is the last step of the procedure. If you are not going to use the second monitor again, you might want to deactivate and remove the second monitor from the PC system to have some free space and save your monitor for later use. You have to go to the Display tab in Settings and click on the deactivate button to remove it safely.


Since we are here to conclude our guide on how to play games on second monitor Windows 10, we are more than glad that it helped you through your problem by solving all the concerns and confusion. We hope you must understand everything. There should no room left for any mistake or misunderstanding as we spared no effort in helping you set and connect a second monitor for your incredible gaming involvements.

To conclude the article with another help, we decided to summarize important points to revise them. It will be easier to recall every time you need to set up a second monitor for gaming. First, we connected the second monitor to a system and then adjusted different settings to make it compatible to work together. Next, you set the game on both or the second monitor and made changes in settings if needed. At last, we disconnected the monitor when not in use anymore.

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