How to make screen fit monitor windows 10?

Sometimes the system can get corrupted while you try to visit different sites and web pages that are not safe or secure. These websites and pages can install viruses and bugs in your computer system without your knowledge. The viruses and bugs can lead to changes in your settings, and you may feel strange with the working of your windows 10. Do not worry. This is not a highly complex problem to solve as we are here to help you.

To help you solve these display issues of your monitor with windows 10, we are going to walk through this guide “how to make screen fit monitor windows 10” together so it can be easy and convenient for you to understand and learn where the problem is and how you can solve these issues. We are presenting you a step-by-step so you can comfortably follow them all and learn and understand what you need to.

How to make screen fit monitor windows 10?

Usually, the issue that has been seen with Windows 10 is that it does not fit your screen. We tried to solve this screen fitting issue with three different methods that you can easily do and will only take a maximum of 2 to 3 minutes of your time. Let’s get started with the first method of how to make screen fit monitor windows 10.

Method # 1: Adjusting screen resolution

The first method that we will be using to solve our screen and fitting issues is adjusting the screen resolution on your monitor or laptop. To change the screen resolution, you have to locate the settings on your system and then click on it to open. You can also press the Windows + I button as a shortcut to open settings.

As the settings are opened, you will see a tab labeled as system settings. In the system settings, you have to look for the display settings. Open the display tab, and under the display tab, you will easily find the resolution settings.

There are different resolutions available for a monitor. You have to choose the perfect resolution for your monitor or laptop by looking at all the screen resolutions and chooses what suits you the best. The screen resolution ideal for a laptop will be 1920 x 1080, and the resolution for monitors is different according to their sizes. 

Method # 2: Adjusting refresh rate

The second method often used to solve this issue is adjusting the refresh rate of your PC system or laptop. The refresh rate of your system is described as how many times your system is capable of showing or drawing an image or picture in a second. Let suppose your system has a refresh rate of 144 Hz, and then it is capable of refreshing the image 144 times per second.

The higher the refresh rate, the better the result you will get. To adjust the refresh rate, you have to go to the settings by clicking on it, or you can use the shortcut key by pressing the Windows key and I to open the settings directly. In the settings, you will find system settings and then locate the display tab. You will find display adapter settings.

In the pop-up that appeared after clicking on display, select the option of a monitor. In the properties of adapter settings, you will see the option to adjust the refresh rate. Some system offers refresh rate up to 144 Hz, and some might only let you change up to 60 Hz. You can adjust the refresh rate according to your requirement and the fitting of the screen.

Method # 3: Updating display adapter driver

The last method of fitting the screen perfectly on your monitor is here to forward our guide to the end in style. This method is used when both the methods mentioned above do not seem to work. To update the display adapter driver, you have to locate the device manager. You can easily find the device manager by pressing the start or windows button or icon on the screen.

A prompt will be open with a list of things and devices. You have to select the display adapter and right-click on it to see other options in a drop-down menu. You have to choose update driver from the drop-down menu. If you do not know much about updating drivers, you can select the automatic option to search the updated driver software for you.

Click on the software to start installing the update on your system. Once you are done with the updating or installation, your screen fitting problem on windows 10 will be solved. If you still feel that it did not resolve the issue, it will be best to see an expert or technician because it can be a hardware problem.


To conclude the article “how to make screen fit monitor windows 10,” we summarized everything so you can comfortably remember all the essential and crucial points for later use. You can adjust the screen resolution from display settings according to your monitor. Or you can change the refresh rate of the screen to the maximum to make it fit the screen. If the screen-fitting problem does not get solved with these two methods, you might need to update the display adapter driver of your monitor to make the screen fit.

We are pleased and delighted that you loved this guide and helped you solve the problem with your windows. To get this work done successfully, you just have to be focused and attentive during all the methods to understand what you must know thoroughly. Also, it will prove to be great if you work the things out as we mentioned as there will not be a single chance of any mistake.

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