How to connect speakers to monitor with HDMI?

How to connect speakers to monitor with HDMI? Back in the day, most speakers were manufactured with a 3.5 mm audio jack that was very easy to install as there was a dedicated slot on the computer or monitor for speakers and you just needed to insert the pin into the audio jack. They are still manufactured but sound systems or big speakers now come with HDMI cables and other luxury wires that are complicated to install or attach as compared to the audio jacks. You might have also bought a speaker that comes with an HDMI cable to connect to the monitor.

There is no need to worry if you do not know how to connect speakers to monitor with HDMI because we prepared a guide for you that will help you in connecting your speakers to monitor via an HDMI cable. The guide is explained in a step-by-step form so it can be easy and convenient for you to understand and follow every step so there can be no chance of any mistake or trouble that can mislead you.

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How to connect speakers to monitor with HDMI?

The procedure is not as long as it seems. It might look long and time-consuming to you because we divided the whole procedure into multiple steps so you can comfortably follow it without any problem. It will only take 5 to 7 minutes of your time to successfully connect speakers to a monitor.


Before we start the method of connecting speakers, you need to take a look at the list of required things so you can be sure to start the process and not have to stop in the middle to look for something.

  • HDMI cable
  • Speakers
  • PC system
  • Adapter
  • Audio splitter

Step # 1: Finding the right gadgets

The first step of the procedure is to find the right speakers for your monitor. You might need to look at a few samples before you make a decision to buy them. You need to consider the compatibility of the speakers with your monitor as the priority and then look for other features. Also, it will be easy for you to choose a product that suits you best. After you have selected the product that you want to attach with your monitor, let’s move towards the next step.

Step # 2: Setting them up

The next step of the procedure is to set all the devices and gadgets in a proper way. You might be thinking that it is not an important part but actually it is. If you do not set all the devices accordingly then the cable can get damaged from the strain so you need to put devices close to each other so cables can connect conveniently. Also, make sure that devices are not placed too much close or on top of one another because excessive heat will damage your gadgets.

Step # 3: Connecting speakers to monitor

The third step that you need to follow is to connect the speakers with your monitor via an HDMI cable. You need to see if both the devices are compatible with the HDMI cable. You need to take one side of the cable and attach it to the port available on your monitor. Now, take the second part of the cable and connect it to the speaker or audio system. You are all done with connecting.

If your computer does not support HDMI cable as most of the old monitors came with VGA or DVI port then you can use an adapter with your HDMI cable to successfully attach it with the monitor. If you are using an adapter, you will also need to use an audio splitter to extract sound or audio. 

Step # 4: Testing the speakers

You have now connected your speakers and monitor but we need to make sure that they are working by testing them. You can check your speakers or audio system by playing different games and videos to see if it is working with both. There are many audio tests and checks available on the internet that you can use to make sure your speakers are working fine.

If they are working fine you do not need to do anything and can start using your speakers as you want. But if they are not working then you need to move to the next step of the procedure to look for the problem and solve it. 

Step # 5: Adjusting settings

Most probably the reason that your speakers are not working is that any cable or wire must not be plugged properly or is broken. You need to plug the wires and cables again or you might need to change them. If your speakers are still not working then there is a fault with your speakers or system.


It was fun guiding and helping you connect your speakers to a monitor. We hope that it will prove to be beneficial to you and you found all the answers you were looking for. The procedure is not difficult or time-consuming but you need to be really focused on everything during the process so you can understand every inch of it as you have to apply it later to connect your speakers, via an HDMI cable.

Since we are concluding our article “How to connect speakers to monitor with HDMI”, we thought that you would like to revise all the important points so they can remain in your mind and you can recall every time you need to. First, you need to look for the right products and then place them in a suitable way so it is convenient for you. Next, you need to connect the speakers with the monitor. If the speakers work when tested, you are all done but if they are not working then you need to adjust some settings and fix the problem.

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