How to connect PS4 to VGA monitor?

Play stations are getting popular with each passing day because of the features and gaming experiences that come with them. The most popular versions of play stations are PS4 and PS5. But the problem here is that PlayStation consoles like PS4 only come with the compatibility of an HDMI connection. Most of us still have the same VGA monitor because monitors are way expensive, and you might also have to spend all your money or savings on PS4. Are you also new to this and thinking about how to connect PS4 to VGA monitor?

You are not alone in this difficulty because we are and will always help you get out in such situations and problems. To help you in this challenging and confusing situation, we bring you this guide that we penned down after researching every bit of the solution. In this guide, we will discover how to connect PS4 to VGA monitor in a step-by-step procedure.

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How to connect PS4 to VGA monitor?

It is not complicated to learn and understand everything in this guide as we tried our best and spared no effort to make it super easy for you to know how to connect PS4 to VGA monitor. But to understand and learn everything, you must pay full attention to see what is going on and stay focused while following the steps.

Procedure: Using an HDMI cable

We thought how we could make this procedure more is for you, so we came with the idea of a required material list, so you do not have to stop looking for a thing. Here are all the things that you will need:

  • PS4 console
  • HDMI adapter
  • Cables
  • Monitor
  • USB cable

As the method requires you to connect wires and cables, we suggest you follow all the safety measures and precautions beforehand to prevent any mishap. The process or method will only take 5 to 10 minutes from your precious and valuable time. Let’s begin with the first step of how to connect PS4 to VGA monitor.

Step # 1: Finding a suitable adapter

This method’s first and foremost step is to find a suitable adapter that works both with your PS4 console and VGA monitor. You need an HDMI to VGA adapter for this procedure. You can find a lot of options on the internet with different price ranges. You can easily choose one that fulfills all your requirements and comes at a reasonable price.

Do not panic if you do not want to buy an adapter from the internet for some reason because adapters are also available in the market. You can go to any nearby store and can find an adapter that goes with your cable. You also have to ensure that you choose an HDMI adapter with built-in technology for sound output to enjoy your games in total.

Step # 2: Connecting cables

As you must have chosen the suitable adapter, let’s move towards the second step. In the second step, you will have to connect different cables and wires to set your VGA monitor and PS4. If you are setting and connecting cables from the beginning, then you can use an instruction manual to follow the instruction and connect all the cables and wires properly.

Now, it’s time to connect the PS4 and VGA monitor via the adapter. Take the HDMI cable that comes with PS4 and attach it to the adapter from one side and the console from the other side. Next, you have to take the cable with the VGA monitor and connect it to the monitor and adapter accordingly. You are all prepared for the next stage.

Step # 3: Setting the PS4

The next and third step of the process is to set up your PS4 to start playing games. Turn on your console by pressing the power button. It will turn on in few seconds. You might have to set up an account to move forward. It may ask you some details to create an account or log in if you have a previous PlayStation account. You need to provide information like name, email, time zone, region, etc. They will also ask you to agree on privacy policies, terms, and conditions.

Step # 4: Adjusting settings

The last step is to adjust your PS4 and VGA monitor settings so they can work together effectively and efficiently. You will also have to attach the controllers with the console so you can start playing games. You can use a USB cable to attach controllers.

You might want to change the resolution, frames per second, or other graphics or sound settings according to your games or yourself. Locate the settings on your monitor and open it to adjust all the things. Everything is done, and now you can start playing your favorite games.


As we finished our process, we are here to conclude our guide “how to connect PS4 to VGA monitor” so you can revise every important detail with the help of this summary to keep everything in your mind. First, you need to find a suitable adapter to change the cable’s port and make it compatible with a VGA monitor. Then connect all the cables and wires to start your PS4. Lastly, you have to set your PS4 and adjust changes to enhance the experience.

We are delighted and cheered that our effort bear fruit and the guide proved to be helpful and beneficial for you in solving the connectivity problems between the VGA monitor and PS4.  It will be easier for you if you follow all the steps and complete the process in the sequence that we mentioned. Do not forget to take precautions and measures as the process involves electric current, and one must be careful with it.

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