How to connect Motorola baby monitor to Wi-Fi?

How to connect Motorola baby monitor to WiFi Baby monitors are getting in trend as more and more people are gaining knowledge or information about them. They are a great way to keep a check on your baby from a distance so you can do other chores without any tension. Connecting a bay monitor to Wi-Fi is a great idea as you can see and monitor your baby from anywhere as he sleeps in his room. But different baby monitors have different technologies to perform or connect, so you might not know how to connect Motorola baby monitor to Wi-Fi.

You do not have to be anxious or panic anymore when we are here to assist you in saving the day and solving your problems. We prepared a step by step guide for you so you can quickly learn how to connect Motorola baby monitor to Wi-Fi. You can quickly follow all the steps and do your chores relaxingly by keeping a check on your baby while he is sleeping in his room or playing in the lounge.

How to connect Motorola baby monitor to Wi-Fi?

Baby monitors provide you with a large range of features so you can feel comfortable and secure because it is the matter of your baby. There are different types of baby monitors available, so you have to ensure that you buy a monitor which fulfils all your requirements and expectations. These devices or gadgets are delicate, so you should be careful while handling them.

Procedure: Connecting baby monitor to wireless connection

This procedure or process of connecting the baby monitor to Wi-Fi might not seem easy to you initially. Still, we assure you that you will not have any trouble or complication if you follow all the steps as we mentioned. This process will not take much of your time, and you can surely complete all the steps in 10 to 15 minutes.

Step # 1: Find a suitable Motorola baby monitor

The first step and essential part are to find a baby monitor that suits you the best. You must consider the specifications and features of the baby monitor that you are going to buy. Make sure it comes with wireless compatibility as you are looking for a way to connect your baby monitor with Wi-Fi.

Also, consider or ensure the quality of video because it really matters so you can see and hear the baby clearly. If you are confused between different baby monitor models, you can compare them, or you can also read customer or use reviews to know how they perform or satisfy needs.

Step # 2: Setting up the baby monitor

The next stage you have to follow is to unbox your brand-new baby monitor and set it up. You will find a device with an instruction manual. You can use the instruction manual to understand the camera and its settings. Press the button on the baby monitor to turn it on. After turning it on, you can follow the steps on the monitor to set your device.

Next, you will have to place the device or baby monitor where you can see your baby and all the view of the room. The monitor placement is crucial because you will have to waste time adjusting the place and angle if not correctly set and placed. After you have successfully placed the monitor, we can move to the next step of the process.

Step # 3: Connecting the baby monitor with Wi-Fi

The next step includes connecting your baby monitor to Wi-Fi so you can easily see the video on any device connected to the same Wi-Fi connection. To connect the Motorola baby monitor to the Wi-Fi, you will have to download an application or software from the app store or the play store. The name of the app is Hubble for Motorola monitors app.

After downloading the app on your device, open the app on your device. You will have to create a Hubble account to move forward. You can follow the instructions provided by the application to create an account. Locate your camera and connect it to the device. Your Motorola baby monitor is now connected to the Wi-Fi, but it would be best if you adjust some settings.

Step # 4: Adjusting the settings

The last step is to adjust some settings so your experience can be enhanced. You can go to the app settings on your device and adjust all the things you need to change. If the settings are not changed, you might have to reboot your device and baby monitor to apply the changed settings. You can now also log in to your account from any device by going to their web address and looking at the view of the baby monitor from your office or anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.


Let’s revise all the steps and important factors that we discussed in the guide “how to connect Motorola baby monitor to Wi-Fi”, as it will be easier for you to recall them later at the time of need or use. First, find a suitable Motorola baby monitor that fulfils your requirement. Next, you have to set up the monitor at the right place and angle. Connect the Motorola baby monitor to Wi-Fi. At last, adjust the settings accordingly.

As we reached the end of the article “How to connect Motorola baby monitor to Wi-Fi,” we hope you have read the procedure carefully and must have understood it completely. You are now ready to set your monitor to keep an eye on your baby as he sleeps in the room while you sip your coffee on the lawn with refreshing air and view. All the things are made easy for you, and you just have to follow all the steps with full attention to avoid problems.

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