How to connect CCTV camera to PC monitor?

How to connect CCTV camera to PC monitor?. Whether you are concerned about burglars or you are worried about your team, if they are working accordingly, there is no need to worry anymore because the solution to all these problems is only one that is CCTV cameras. Almost every place ranging from big hotels to small restaurants, roads, motorways, highways, is covered with CCTV cameras to protect the general public in any case or situation. You might also be looking at installing a CCTV camera with the same thought. Well, it’s great to install a CCTV camera, but we see some kind of problem here. You might not know how to connect CCTV camera to PC monitor as you are looking for it. You do not have to look anymore because we brought the solution that you want to know. In this guide, we carry a step-by-step procedure of installing a CCTV camera with essential and vital information so you can learn and understand quickly and easily.

How to connect CCTV camera to PC monitor?

Before we start the procedure of installing a CCTV camera with your PC system, let us tell you some precautions and safety measures that you must follow to avoid any mishap as the process includes electric current while dealing with the wires and cables.

  • Wear insulating gloves
  • Do not contact metal with electric outlets or wires
  • Keep wet hands away from wires
  • Do not make contact between water and electric current.

Procedure: Installing a CCTV camera

It will be best to collect all the required things beforehand, so you do not have to stop during the procedure to look for something. Here is the list:

  • CCTV camera
  • Instruction manual
  • PC system
  • Connecting cables
  • Installation tools

Step # 1: Finding a suitable CCTV camera

The first step of the procedure “how to connect CCTV camera to PC monitor” is to find a suitable camera for yourself. An essential factor that you should consider in a CCTV camera is quality. Quality needs to be good, so you can clearly see in the camera. Other vital factors are budget, support, audio, waterproof, type, and memory.

Step # 2: Mounting the CCTV camera

The next step is an important and technical part of the process as you have to mount the camera. You will have to place the CCTV camera where you can see the view clearly and keep a check on the complete area. You have to carefully set your camera’s angle or set it to moving mode to keep an eye everywhere. Use nails with the help of a hammer to fix the camera in the desired place.

Step # 3: Installing the CCTV software

You have to download software that works with your CCTV camera to see the camera’s results on your screen. You can easily find software on the app store. Most companies or brands provide you with software when you buy a camera from them. After the software installation, you will have to set an account to save backups and other purposes.

Step # 4: Connecting the camera with the system

For connecting the camera with your system, you will need a coaxial cable or a USB cable according to the manufacturing technology of your camera. You can find all the details and install instructions on the user manual that comes with the camera. You just have to install the cables on your camera and monitor as mentioned in the manual.

If you are still jumbled, there is no need to worry because many technicians will be available, or you can ask the company to send one to fix your CCTV camera. You can also install multiple cameras with a single PC system by using a router.

Step # 5: Connecting power supply

The next step of this process is very easy. You only have to connect the power supply to give it an electric current. You can see all the instructions for installing the power supply in the user or instruction manual of the camera. Many cameras are self-automated and take power from the PC system or monitor. Your CCTV camera is now attached to the PC monitor, and you can see the view on the monitor through a camera.

Step # 6: Adjusting settings of CCTV camera

The last step of the procedure is to adjust your camera’s settings to have a personalized view and experience. You can go to the camera settings in the application or software and change the settings according to you. You can change resolution, speed, motion detection, and other settings. You can also save the camera videos in your system as a backup if you need to check something later.


As we conclude the article “how to connect CCTV camera to PC monitor,” we made a summary of all the steps so you can easily remember the procedure to follow later. Firstly, find a suitable CCTV camera and mount it where you want to secure the place. Next, you have to install the software and connect your CCTV camera with the system. Lastly, you just have to adjust some settings if you see some problems. It might not seem accessible to you, but once you understand everything, you will know how easy it is to install or connect CCTV cameras.

We tried our best to make this guide super easy for you by leaving no stone unturned. We are hopeful that you must have understood everything necessary with our step-by-step informational guide and this comprehensive summary. The only thing left on your behalf is paying full attention and keeping a focus on every step, so there is no room left for any complication or problem. Also, you must consider precautions and safety measures while dealing with the wires and cables.

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