How to Clean Matte Monitor?

Matte monitors are an excellent option for those who have to work almost all the time or spend their entire day in front of a screen. Why is it better? It is better than other types of screens and monitors because the matte screen technology protects your eyes from getting damaged due to harmful rays compared to other monitors. They are manufactured with particular technologies to be favorable for your eyes.

But the concern that might have arisen in your mind can be how to clean matte monitors because no matter how safe you keep them, they always get dirty, and when you do not know about a new thing, it also makes you curious to know everything about it. To solve and clear all these concerns and curiosity, we penned down a guide on how to clean matte monitors so you can understand everything after learning in detail.

How to clean matte monitor?

You will find a lot of cleaning products or fluids in the market that boasts how easily you can clean your matte screen with them, but we assure you that you would not need them as well as you would not like to use them once you learn that alcohol works as a damaging agent for your screens and monitors. We brought you an all-natural method that you can use to clean matte monitors.


Before we start our mission of cleaning matte monitors, let us tell you what things or items you will need so you do not have to stop between the steps to go and find a particular thing. Here is what you will need:

  • Distilled water
  • Clean and dry cloth (microfiber)
  • Gloves
  • White vinegar

Let’s move forward to the central part of how to clean matte monitor.

Step # 1: Turning the monitor off

The first step of the procedure that you need to follow is to turn off the monitor. We advise this because it is excellent and safe to do so. You can easily see all the spots and smears on the black screen of the monitor. Also, it is safe to turn off and unplug the switch because you would not want to contact the electric current. After all, water is present while you clean the screen. This tip will also keep your monitor safe beside you as the water will not contact the machinery part of the monitor while it is running.

Step # 2: Cleaning the screen with a dry cloth

Next, you need to take a dry and clean microfiber cloth to dust the debris and dust particles off the screen. The best thing to do this would be in the same way as we are saying, so the water does not mix with the dust particles and damage your matte screen. If there are smudges and smears on the screen, then move to the next step, but if it is clean, you can also end the cleaning process right here as you should not clean your matte screen very often with a cleaning solution or distilled water.

Step # 3: Preparing the cleaning solution

The third step you need to look forward to is preparing the cleaning solution for your matte screen. We told you above that you will need distilled water and white vinegar for the process. But you need to be careful here.

If the screen of your monitor is filthy, you can use this cleaning solution, but if it is not much dirty and can work with distilled water, you should try using only the distilled water. To make the cleaning solution, take equal portions of white vinegar and distilled water in a spray bottle and mix it well.

Step # 4: Using the cleaning solution

If your matte screen has smudges and smears, then you should continue this process. Next, you would need the cleaning solution that you prepared in the previous step. We advise you to use only distilled water, but you can use the cleaning solution if the stains are hard.

Please do not spray the cleaning solution directly to the screen because doing this will not let you clean the matte screen effectively. Take the cleaning solution and spray it onto the cloth. Now, start cleaning your screen with a wet cloth and gently use pressure in a sequence to clean your screen entirely.

Step # 5: Turning the monitor back on

You are all done as you do this last step. Please use a clean cloth to dry the matte screen of your monitor. Let the matte screen dry naturally before using it again. As the screen dries completely, you can plug back your monitor into the electric socket and turn it on from the power button to use like a brand-new screen.


You must have read all the instructions and steps as you have reached the conclusion part of our guide, “how to clean matte monitor.” It will only prove beneficial if you stay focused and attentive during the procedure or method to understand everything more clearly. You must follow all the guidelines that we mentioned in the process for the benefit and safety of your monitor. We are very hopeful that this step-by-step guide must have solved your concerns regarding cleaning matte screens of the monitors.

Since we are concluding, we summarized all the critical points of this cleaning process so it can remain in your mind forever and you can recall when you feel the need to clean your matte screens. First, you need to turn the monitor off and dust the screen with a dry cloth. Then take the cleaning solution if needed and wipe off the screen with it. Lastly, you need to clean the smudges by gentle wiping and turn your monitor on to have a clearer view.

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