How to clean IPS monitor?

IPS monitors are of great use and come with many features and specifications that can provide you a wonderful experience as well as being capable of enhancing your work by increasing the quality of work and productivity. But the question that might come to your mind is how to clean IPS monitor as it can be difficult or complicated to clean as it comes with several different types of features, designs, or specifications.

Well, we can say that you are completely right to worry about a particular thing if you do not know much about it. But you can now leave your worries behind as we have come to help you solve this cleaning problem. You do not have to panic at all because we have taken care of all the things from telling you about the cleaning procedure to the things that you should do or you should avoid. We took care of everything so you do not have to put in any extra effort.

How to clean IPS monitor?

Look, cleaning an IPS monitor is not as difficult as you must be thinking. Instead it is very easy and convenient but you need to be focused during the procedure not to miss any point. Also, you need to keep certain things in mind before starting the procedure of cleaning an IPS monitor.

  • Do not use a harsh cloth
  • Use a soft and lint-free cloth
  • Always use a clean cloth
  • Do not press too hard on the screen
  • Do not use solution that uses alcohol
  • Do not spray directly to the IPS screen


Let us tell you about the list that we prepared for you so you can make sure you have all the important things that are needed for the procedure. We made a list so you do not have to stop the cleaning process in the middle if a thing is missing. Here is the list of things:

  • Microfiber cloth (soft, clean, and lint-free)
  • Glass cleaner or fluid
  • Some water
  • Bowl

Let’s start with the first step of how to clean IPS monitor.

Step # 1: Turn of the monitor

The first step of the procedure “how to clean IPS monitor?” is to make sure you turn your IPS monitor off and unplug the switch of the monitor by removing it from the electric socket in the wall. You need to turn the monitor off so it can be easy for you to know where you need to clean the smudges as they are easily visible on the black screen. Also, you need to unplug the monitor from the switch because you should not make a contact between a wet cloth and electric current as it is necessary for safety purposes.

Step # 2: Wipe with a dry cloth

The next step that you need to follow in this procedure is to clean the screen of an IPS monitor with a dry cloth so if there are any dirt particles or debris on the screen then it can be removed or cleaned. If you use a wet cloth on the screen first then it will only make it look dirtier and difficult to clean since it will form a mixture of dirt and water.

This mixture is not only difficult to clean but can also damage your IPS monitor. You should not put too much pressure while dusting the screen because the screen is very fragile and can get damaged easily.

Step # 3: Use a cleaning spray

If the screen of your IPS monitor is not very dirty and is cleaned with dry cloth only then it is good and you do not need to follow the procedure anymore but if the screen of your monitor has smudges or any hard stain then you need to continue this cleaning procedure with us.

To clean smudges and hard stains off your screen, then you will need a glass cleaner or monitor cleanser that is recommended by the brand of your monitor. You can check this in the manual of the monitor that comes with it. Take the cleaner, spray it on the clean cloth, and gently clean the surface of the monitor by rubbing it. Do not push too hard or do not use an excessive amount of liquid.

Step # 4: Checking and plugging the monitor

The last step of the procedure is to check if your screen is completely cleaned and dry. If it is not dry or if you have used an excessive amount of liquid accidentally then take an extra dry cloth and clean it properly and gently. You are all done with the cleaning of the IPS monitor. You can turn your monitor back on by plugging the switch into the socket.


As we said we are going to help you with our article “how to clean IPS monitor”, we hoped we fulfilled everything that we said. We are glad that you were able to clean your IPS screen of the monitor with our step-by-step guide and did not damage your monitor as you must have understood all the precautions or factors that you need to consider. If you are facing any difficulty in cleaning your monitor then try to follow each step with us so things do not go messy.

Let’s revise everything so it can remain in your mind for a long time and you can recall all the steps every time you need them. First, we learned why we needed to turn the monitor off and then dusted all the dirt particles off the screen with the help of a dry cloth. Next, use a sprayer to clean the smudges effectively, and then plug the switch of your IPS monitor back into the electric socket. You will only need 3 to 5 minutes to clean the monitor.

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