How to clean Asus monitor?

There is no need to get worried or panic if the screen of your monitor is getting unclear or not showing you everything as it should. Most probably this would have happened because it needs cleaning as our environment is getting polluted with each passing day and causing a layer of dust and dirt on everything. You might be thinking about cleaning your Asus monitor if you are looking for how to clean Asus monitor. Well, you will not find a specific way or procedure to clean Asus monitor but we came up with a lot of important points and factors after a deep research on this matter that you should also know about cleaning an Asus monitor so you do not damage the screen or the glare of your Asus monitor while cleaning it like a regular monitor. To understand these points completely, go through our article till the end so you learn everything.

How to clean Asus monitor?

The cleaning of the Asus monitors is different from other regular monitors. But it is not very complicated or difficult to clean an Asus monitor as it seems because of the unique type of screen they use to manufacture their monitors. It will be super easy and convenient if you follow all the steps as we described. Also, you need to consider some precautions that we have listed below:

  • Use a soft and clean cloth
  • The cloth should be microfiber
  • Do not use any fluid not recommend on the manual
  • Only use distilled water for smudges
  • Clean the screen gently


We prepared a checklist of all the things that you will need for the procedure so it can be easy for you to check and start the procedure of cleaning. It is good for you to gather all the things before the procedure so you do not have to stop during the procedure.

  • Clean and dry cloth
  • Distilled water
  • Cleaning sprayer

Let’s walk through the process together to find out how to clean Asus monitor.

Step # 1: Unplugging the monitor

The first step and rule of cleaning any gadget such as a monitor are to turn it off and unplug the switch from the socket so the wet cloth does not come in contact with the electric current and create a problem. It is very important to follow as a safety measure or precaution. This precaution has an advantage and will help you in cleaning the monitor effectively.

The smudges get clear on the black screen and it will be easy for you to locate them and clean them properly. Once you have turned the monitor off and unplugged it, we can move to the next step of the procedure.

Step # 2: Dry dusting with a cloth

The next step in the procedure of how to clean the Asus monitor is to wipe the screen with a dry cloth. It will be enough to wipe the screen if there are only layers of dust or debris and do not have any smudges or hard stains. You can clean your monitor every day with a dry cloth to brush it gently so everything is clear and crisp.

You should be careful while dusting or brushing the screen of your monitor because the screen of monitors is very delicate and fragile. A little pressure can damage them permanently so it is better to take precautions beforehand.

Step # 3: Using cleaning fluids

If your Asus monitor is cleaned by only dusting the dirt off with a dry cloth then you do not need to follow the next steps of this procedure. You can use this step to clear the smudges, fingerprints, or any hard stains on the surface of the monitor’s screen.

This step includes a cleaning spray or only distilled water as it is mentioned in the instruction manual of your Asus monitor. You need to take the recommended cleaner and spray it onto the cloth to clean smudges off your screen. Wipe all the area of the screen gently with the cleaner so your screen can get clear like a crystal and you can use your monitor just as new. Make sure that you do not spray directly on the screen but the cloth so it does not damage the glare of the screen. 

Step # 4: Checking everything

The last step of the procedure is here. This step is very simple and you just need to check everything if it is working fine. If you have used an excessive amount of cleaner accidentally then use a dry cloth to wipe it off. Let the screen properly and then plug the switch of your monitor back into the socket and check. There must not be any problem with the running of your Asus monitor.


As we are here at the end of the article “how to clean Asus monitor” to conclude it, we hope that it proved to be beneficial for you as we described everything in detail. You just need to be careful and focused during the procedure so there is no chance left for any mistake and you can successfully clean your Asus monitor without damaging its screen, glare, or shine. Also, you need to look for the things and factors that we advised you to avoid.

You can use a dry cloth to dust the dirt particles or debris off the screen when you use it so you can see everything clearly but the screen of monitors does not need to be regularly cleaned with a cleanser or wet cloth. However, you need to consider cleaning them with a cleanser once in a while so the shine and glare do not vanish or disappear that a monitor comes with to provide you a high-quality and crisp picture.

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