How to clean 4K TV screen?

You might have seen that your TV is getting dirtier with smudges or tiny particles of dust. Have you ever tried to clean it? No? Why? Well, we can assume that you have not to clean your TV because you might be afraid that you will damage it as they are very fragile and delicate or you might not know how to clean 4K TV screen. There is no need to get afraid or worry if you think it is a fragile gadget or if you do not know about cleaning a TV because after reading this guide you will get all your answers.

As we said that you do not need to worry, it is because we are here to help you walk through this informational guide and solve your cleaning problems, concerns, and confusion. We are here to liberate you from this problem by presenting to you a step by step guide that will tell you how to clean 4K TV screen. We also mentioned some points or things that you need to avoid so you can protect your TV and your TV can be saved from getting damaged.

How to clean 4K TV screen?

The method we are going to describe for you is not very difficult or tough so you do not have to worry. Also, we listed all the precautions that you need to take so there is no reason to be afraid of damaging your TV. The only thing you should do is to be focused and be attentive.

Method: Dry and wet cleaning

Before you start the procedure of cleaning, make sure of all the things that you need. We made a small list of things that you must have with you.

  • Two clean and dry cloths
  • Cleanser or recommended cleaner
  • A little water in a container

Let’s start with the procedure of how to clean 4K TV screen.

Step # 1: Turning your TV off

The first step of the procedure is to turn off your TV and remove the plug from the socket or switch. You might be thinking that it is not important to turn off the TV or to remove the plug from the socket but it is important to take precautions as it involves an electric current and you can contact the current when you will wipe the TV with a damp cloth it can be harmful. Also, it will be easier for you to clean the cool screen instead of the hot screen because o

f running. You can also spot the smudges easily on the black screen.

Step # 2: Using a dry cloth

The next step is to use a dry cloth to wipe off the screen of the TV. You must use a soft cloth that is lint-free so it does not build up any charge by rubbing on the screen or leaving any thread particles. You must clean the screen of the TV by using the cloth gently.

You should not press hard on the screen of TV with the cloth because they are fragile or delicate and can get damaged. It is important to wipe the screen with a dry cloth so the dust can be cleaned. It can get worse and will scratch your screen if you spray the cleanser before wiping the dry dust.

Step # 3: Removing smudges and stains

It is now time to remove smudges and hard stains from the screen of TV. Take a clean and lint-free cloth and spray a little cleaner on the cloth. Use the damp cloth to wipe smudges, fingerprints, or any hard stains off the screen of TV. Do not use excessive amounts of the cleanser because the screen can get wet and will leave cloth smudges on the screen of the TV.

Step # 4: Plugging the TV back

You can use a dry cloth again to wipe the cleaner off the screen if there is left some. You are all done with the cleaning of your 4K TV screen and only one last step is left to complete the procedure. You just need to plug the switch of the TV and turn your TV on to enjoy a clean and clear screen.

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As we promised to tell you things that you need to avoid so your TV does not get damaged, we are here to fulfill our promise. Here are some things or precautions that you need to consider:

  • Use a microfiber cloth to wipe
  • Do not use any hard chemicals for cleaning TV
  • Do not use water on your TV
  • Do not use any cleanser other than recommend by brand
  • Wipe the screen of the TV gently
  • Do not spray cleaner directly on the screen of the TV


We hope that you understood the complete method and all the details that you must consider in order not to damage your TV. It may look difficult and complicated to you but once you start to focus and understand every step, you will know how easy and convenient we made it for you to clean your TV screens without any trouble or problems. You just have to pay attention to every step of the procedure and follow all the precautions to fulfill this cleaning duty effectively.

As we conclude our guide “how to clean 4K TV screen”, we found a way to help you a little more. We made a summary of all the steps so you can easily remember all the details to recall when you need them. First, turn your TV off and then wipe the screen with a dry cloth. Next, you need to spray the cleanser or glass cleaner recommended in the instruction manual onto the cloth and wipe off the screen so no smudges or fingerprints are left. You are all done with the cleaning.

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