How to change which monitor is primary windows 10?

How to change which monitor is primary windows 10? It is an excellent experience to work on two or multiple monitors in a system because it offers you several benefits. You can work on various applications at a time without the need of minimizing or closing. Multiple screens can provide you with a wide display, and you can have a great time playing games with high-end graphics. Another advantage of using two or more screens is you can easily copy something like content or design from one program to another.

But all these advantages or benefits are possible only by adjusting some settings.  You need to set a monitor as a primary screen to make it work properly. You might be worried about the situation if you do not know how to change which monitor is primary windows 10. Well, no need to stress yourself out anymore because we are here to save you from this situation with our guide on how to change which monitor is primary windows 10.

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How to change which monitor is primary windows 10?

It is not difficult or complicated to set any monitor as your primary screen in your PC system with multiple devices or monitors. It is essential to stay focused and attentive during all the procedure steps. If you do not pay attention, it will be difficult for you to understand and follow the steps properly without any chance of trouble.

Method: Setting primary screen

This method does not require you to download any extra software or program to set your monitors or displays as primary or secondary because windows 10 comes with a panel that allows you to adjust the settings of your monitors and devices without any extra struggle or effort. This process will only take a maximum of 5 minutes from your precious time to adjust everything.

Let’s begin the guide with the first step of the process of how to change which monitor is primary windows 10.

Step # 1: Setting up a monitor

The first step in this procedure is to set up a monitor with a system. If you are new to connecting a new monitor, then this step is for you as we explained everything from the beginning. To join a second monitor with your system, you will need an HDMI cable compatible with the system and your second monitor. Take one side of the HDMI cable and attach it to the port available at the back of your monitor.

Now, you will have to take the other side of the HDMI cable and connect it with the system’s CPU as you attached the first monitor. Ensure that you place both or all the monitors close to each other to give you a broad view as one single screen. You are done connecting a second monitor, but there are steps to adjust the settings you must follow.

Step # 2: Determining the screens

The second step of the procedure on how to change which monitor is primary windows 10 is to determine the screen. Before we start to adjust the settings to make a monitor as primary screen, it is essential to learn or determine which screen you want to use as a primary screen. You can choose which monitor will work as a primary screen by looking at different factors.

You can choose a screen by determining which screen will show the application or program when it is clicked to open. If the selected screen does not fulfil the expectations of your primary screen, you can always change it by following step number 3.

Step # 3: Adjusting display settings

This step is the central part or stage of the procedure to make a monitor work as a primary screen in windows 10. Turn on your computer and go to the settings of your monitor. You can also use the shortcut key of settings which is Windows key + I.  You will have to locate the system settings in the settings application to move forward.

In the system settings, you will see a tab labelled as display settings. Open the display settings and click multiple displays, which you will see at the bottom of the prompt or tab. When you select or click multiple displays, it will open a drop-down menu. You will be given options to choose a monitor to adjust its settings. Click on ‘make it my primary screen’. Next, select the apply button.

Step # 4: Checking the primary screen

You have your desired monitor set as the primary screen. This last step is necessary to check if all the programs and applications work fine with your primary monitor. To check the screen, you can open different programs to see if they open in the primary monitor, move your cursor around the screen, or refresh your screen by right-clicking.


Since we learned how to change which monitor is primary windows 10, we are hopeful that you must have understood all the essential points and factors. We tried to make the procedure of changing screens as primary and secondary as easy as possible so you can follow each step quickly and conveniently. If you follow every step of the process, as we mentioned in the guide, we assure you that you will not face any kind or type of problem or trouble.

To conclude our article, we decided to present a comprehensive summary to you so it will be comfortable for you to remember all the steps. You can recall them back every time you need to set a screen as a primary monitor. You just have to go to the settings and open the display tab. In the display tab, you will find all the settings for your monitors and screen, which you can adjust to have a better experience.

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