GIGABYTE G27QC Monitor Review

This flawless GIGABYTE G27QC monitor is great for gaming. This monitor is another precious piece under the budget series product from Gigabyte. You will get all the exciting features you would expect from a monitor under a reasonable budget.

Gigabyte G27QC review will reveal how this monitor managed to stand out in the crowd of spectacular monitors and how it is still the best one among alternatives. The 27-inch display screen size with native 1500R Curvature gives a premium look. The wide 1440p resolution is responsible for delivering standard display quality with high pixel density for making the graphics accurate for you. 

Product Overview

  • Brand             Gigabyte
  • Display tech   LED
  • Resolution     QHD Wide 1440p
  • Screen size     27 Inches
  • Connectivity  HDMI, DisplayPort
  • Color             Black
  • Series            G27QC-SA

Usually, when we plan to buy a monitor, we focus on large screen size and a better resolution for stunning display quality. In this new era, we tend to spend most of our time in front of technology devices, and monitoring is responsible for delivering all the output of our inputs.

Similarly, this monitor from Gigabyte meets all our everyday needs. It has many features to offer in the best possible price range. It genuinely knows the tactics of grabbing attention and securing a place in the office desks and home.

GIGABYTE G27QC Monitor Specs

Quickly have a look at all the basic specs of the monitor. It will give you a rough idea about where you are going to invest your time and money. However, I will discuss the major features in detail.

  • Gigabyte G27QC is a 27-inch monitor with a VA panel.
  • It has an aspect ratio of 16:9, and the curve radius remains at 1500mm.
  • The monitor weighs around 14.1 pounds and comes with three years warranty.
  • The monitor is DCI-P3 HDR 10 compatible and brightness report at 300 nits.
  • The contrast ratio is about 3000:1, which is relatively well.
  • And the max resolution counts at 2560 x 1440p with a 165Hz refresh rate.
  • Also, it includes two built-in 2W speakers.
  • The connectivity ports are more than enough.

GIGABYTE G27QC Monitor Features

Now, it’s time to discover all the fantastic features that we are going to get. This curved monitor would never disappoint you as it is a new era update, capable of performing all the activities any high-end monitor performs.

Monitor Assembling

The terrific news is, you do not have to waste your time attaching parts and making the monitor ready to work. When you open the delivery box, the upright is already connected to your surprise, so you can bolt up the base and start enjoying.

Moreover, the box includes HDMI, UDB, DisplayPort, and an IEC cord.

Monitor Design

The build quality of the monitor is solid, which makes it durable. The curved monitor with thin bezels gives it a first-rate look. A styling stand allows a height adjustment of about 5.2 inches and a tilt of 5 by 20 degrees; however, there is no swivel function available.

Screen size

The monitor has a 27-inch screen size which is a standard size for home and office use. It won’t consume much space and provides enough room to open multiple windows simultaneously.

Also, this monitor has incredible gaming features, and the resolution and sound quality are also impressive so that you can have a weekend full of entertainment with this monitor. I call it an all-rounder for letting us do so much in this price tag.

Display Performance

The display performance is also impressive, with 109 pixels per inch, delivering the image quality as sharp and accurate as possible. At this pixel stats, you also do not need any scaling on the screen. The 1440p Quad HD resolution gives you enough screen space with fine details. For the inspiring motion resolutions, the monitor runs at 165Hz of refresh rate. 

The colors are bright and rich on the screen with the support of an 8-bit color depth. Likewise, it covers 129% of the sRGB color gamut for vibrant colors. The monitor also has a VA panel which has a quality of showcasing high contrast ratio and bright whites. Though the monitor’s contrast ratio is not enough and not meeting the new standards, the panel satisfies normal viewing conditions.

Connectivity ports

Again, Gigabyte didn’t fail to surprise us by integrating lots of connectivity inputs in this best monitor for the office. If you plan to use it for home use, you can attach multiple devices via two  DMI 2.0 ports.

There is also one DisplayPort 1.4 available to connect other PCs or monitors to enhance productivity. Besides, one USB 3.0 upstream and 2 USB 3.0 downstream inputs are there, to our surprise.  At last, one 3.5mm headphone output is there for gaming and music.


You can use the GIGABYTE G27QC monitor for gaming purposes. We all need an entertainment weekend after a hectic working week, and it would be fantastic if we do not have to spend extra for getting entertainment devices. GIGABYTE G27QC monitor offers exciting features so you can relax and have fun.

It gives 1ms of response time and Aim stabilizer technology that reduces the motion blurring in the fast-moving action scenes. To eliminate the chance of stuttering and screen tearing, it offers FreeSync functionality, which comes with a variable refresh rate feature. These are the features every gamer must look for in a gaming monitor. Still, surprisingly, this monitor has an incredibly low input lag, taking the gaming experience to the next level.

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Final Words

Gigabyte does have a collection of gaming monitors but at a higher price. However, this model at a standard screen size offers many attractive features that make it ideal for your home, office, and entertainment use.

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