Does monitor Hz affect Fps?

When people build their first PC, they overlook the monitor. As a user, I have seen users buying expensive GPUs and CPUs but using cheap monitors that do not fully utilize these components.

Has a monitor ever affected your FPS and performance? Does monitor Hz affect fps? A monitor does not directly affect the FPS of a PC, but a monitor with a lower refresh rate may be limiting the FPS through the GPU. It happens in most cases when the specification of the game is too high for the GPU to handle or when the monitor isn’t capable of displaying the game’s output.

Despite this, the monitors do not affect the frame rate of the GPU, but rather, the display’s performance is affected. A-frame rate (FPS) is determined by the refresh rate (calculated in Hz), so the higher the refresh rate, the lower the frame rate.

When using a monitor with a high refresh rate, you may think it will lower the FPS. That isn’t always the case. A high refresh rate can only affect the FPS if the graphics card is not powerful enough to produce the output for the monitor.

Does Monitor Size Affect Fps?

The size of the monitor does not have any effect on FPS at all. Because small monitors have a higher refresh rate and resolution, while large ones can have a lower one, the size of the monitor can’t affect the frame rate.

For example, if you have a small monitor with a high refresh rate and a larger monitor with a low refresh rate, the small monitor will give you more FPS (if the GPU supports it). Therefore, the monitor’s resolution is determined entirely by its specs and not by its size.

How Monitor Affect Fps?

How Monitor Affect Fps?

Monitors do not directly affect frames per second, but they do influence video quality, which then affects frames per second. In contrast, if you have a 144Hz display, you will be able to view up to 144 frames per second. Moreover, some users may also choose to overclock their monitors (to increase the refresh rate) in order to achieve a higher frame rate when playing a game.Monitors are not able to reduce the frame rate generated by the GPU, but they can reduce the frame rate at which content is displayed.

The reason for this is that if the refresh rate of your monitor is too low, then it won’t be able to update your frames as frequently as it should. In other words, the number of frames will be reduced.That’s why monitors simply stop the actual FPS from displaying, they are unable to have any effect whatsoever on it.

Response Time

The response time of a monitor can decrease FPS when playing games or doing other activities if the response time is too slow.

What Are FPS and Refresh Rate?

Firstly, FPS or frames per second refers to the number of frames per second your monitor can display. The frame rate of a PC is primarily determined by its graphics card and other components.

More simply, fps refers to frames drawn by a GPU or the output of a GPU. A monitor’s refresh rate is how frequently the screen updates in one second. In other words, the higher the refresh rate, the more often the screen can be updated/changed in a short time.

The monitor’s inability to redraw at a high rate affects the FPS rate, so you cannot get a high frame rate.Therefore, they are entirely different from each other because of this difference. For example, high refresh rates can result in low frame rates.

Why does fps decrease when resolution increases? Is this because of the monitor?

Yes, of course! As the resolution increases, the FPS will decrease as well, but this is not the result of the monitor. This is mainly due to the GPU. If you have a higher resolution monitor, your GPU has to do more work.

Usually, when you use a high-end PC, you can run low FPS with a monitor with a low refresh rate; however, when you use a low-end computer, the computer load increases, so you cannot do the opposite.


In general, monitors can affect FPS due to the screen’s refresh rate. The refresh rate is not directly related to FPS but indirectly affects it.

You might need to upgrade your monitor if you already have a high-end computer but are still experiencing low frame rates when playing online games. Comparing your monitor to an old television will show you if it needs to be upgraded.

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