Dell U2717D Vs. Dell U2715H

Dell U2717D Vs. Dell U2715H

Dell’s Ultrasharp range of monitors has become extremely popular in the market because of their high-quality performance, outstanding features, solid build, and whatnot! Dell does not only have tough competition with other brands in the market, but it also has a very next-to-neck competition with its models. 

We are talking about the Dell U2717D and Dell U2715H, the two most popular monitors from the Ultrasharp range, and you might think that there is not much difference between these two except a letter and a number. But, a few significant factors make these two monitors different from each other that we will be discussing in this article. 

Comparison Between Dell U2717D and Dell U2715H

Design and Display

Dell U2717D 

Dell U2717D has an InfinityEdge design that is bezel-free and similar to the previous monitors launched by this brand. It is a 27-inch monitor with a resolution of 2560 X 1440 that offers outstanding color accuracy, visuals, and graphics. The brightness and contrast of this monitor are excellent; however, the response time and the refresh rate is not up to the mark. 

This monitor has a 60 Hz refresh rate and 6ms response time, which is good enough for general work, but you cannot use this monitor for gaming and professional graphic work. The overall design of this monitor is robust, and the stand is flexible. Moreover, it comes with a four cabinet Vesa Mount capability. 

 Dell U2715H 

In terms of design and display, the Dell U2715H is not different from Dell U2717D. This one is also a 27 inch IPS display monitor that has a resolution of 2560 x 1440. The refresh rate and response time are also the same, 60 Hz and 6ms, respectively. The saturation contrast and brightness are excellent, and the stand is sturdy enough to keep the monitor stable. 

Which One Takes The Lead in the Design and Display Comparison? 

In the case of design and display, no one will lead from the Dell U2717D and Dell U2715H because both the Dell monitors are the same in these aspects, so there is a tie between the two. 


Dell U2717D 

In the testing of the performance of the Dell U2717D, the monitor was good in almost all aspects. The color clarity and the growing angles are outstanding, and even though we cannot play professional games if you are into casual gaming, you can try two or three games on this monitor. 

This monitor’s power usage was less than most of the monitors, so you can have good performance for a very long time before your monitor starts to heat up compared to the Dell U2715H that we will discuss below. So this monitor was slightly better but not significantly different. 

 Dell U2715H 

Dell U2715H offers outstanding performance with its accurate projection of colors and visuals. You don’t face any backlight bleeding, and there is no overshadowing of colors. The uniformity of black and white is also outstanding, considering the low response time and refresh rate. 

Even though the performance of this monitor is outstanding in terms of general usage, you cannot use it for gaming because 60 Hz refresh rate, 6ms response time, and unavailability of adaptive technology won’t be as good for playing hide-end games. 

Which One Takes The Lead in the Design and Display Comparison? 

Dell U2717D takes the lead in performance because of less power usage, but there is not much difference between the two monitors. 

Connectivity Ports

The connectivity ports in both the monitors are very same; there are no fewer or more ports in either of the monitors. A display port allows you to have a multi-screen setup, 3.0 for upstream and downstream, and you also get access to HDMI ports. So when it comes to the connectivity options, you get plenty of them in both Dell U2717D and Dell U2715H. 

Which One Takes the Lead in the Connection Comparison? 

Both Dell U2717D and Dell U2715H have the same connectivity options. So, it’s a tie in this aspect of comparison. 


The last comparison factor in this article is the price, which is an essential factor to consider. Above you must have seen that there is not much difference between Dell U2717D and Dell U2715H and similarly in price also you will see there is only a slight difference. 

Dell U2717D is a bit more expensive than the Dell U2715H that too only by a few bucks. Both the monitors are pretty similar in most aspects, so the price does not play a significant role in deciding which one you should go for, but you must be aware of which one is priced higher than the other monitor. 

Which One Takes the Lead in the Price Comparison? 

Dell U2715H takes the lead because of the low price. 

Pros and Cons

Dell U2717D 


  • Thin Bezels
  • Colour clarity is outstanding
  • Good in bright light
  • Several connectivity ports 


  • Latency issues 
  • Not good for gaming

Product Overview

  • Brand                           DELL
  • Resolution                  QHD 2560×1440
  • Refresh Rate              60 Hz
  • Screen Size                 27-Inch
  • Specific Use                Gaming, Personal
  • Price                             Under $400

 Dell U2715H 


  • Outstanding viewing angles
  • IPS display
  • 2560 X 1440 resolution
  • Plenty of connectivity ports
  • Fully adjustable stand
  • The small screen is good if you want to have a multi-screen setup. 
  • Excellent screen quality


  • Average display uniformity
  • Slow responsiveness of the commands 
  • Not built for gaming

Final Say

This is a complete comparison between Dell U2717D and Dell U2715H. Both the monitors are very similar to each other there is just a slight difference in terms of connectivity options prices and color accuracy. It won’t make any difference if you go for the other one and not the other. 

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