BenQ 24 Inch IPS Monitor Review

BenQ is another leading brand in the market that aims to produce the best quality multi-use monitors. The 24-Inch screen is filled with all the latest technology you can never imagine. Besides, you can take it as a budgeted office monitor. However, it won’t restrict you to the office, but you can use this premium monitor for all your games and entertainment purposes.

Moreover, this affordable piece of monitor knows the tricks to grab the attention following by the thrilling features it poses. I am going to discover what the 24 Inch screen holds inside.

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Product Overview

  • Brand                           BenQ
  • Display technology      LED
  • Resolution                    FHD 1080p
  • Screen size            23.8 (approx. 24) Inches
  • Connectivity                HDMI, Display and VGA Port, headphone jack, audio in/out port.
  • Color                     Black
  • Price                     Under $120

Since all the new games are releasing with the latest graphics, we all want to update our gadgets, specifically a monitor that suits the latest technology. However, it is not easy to get a gaming monitor that fits all the characteristics, let alone at a reasonable price.

Here comes this impressive 24-Inch IPS monitor by BenQ. Surprisingly, this model is suitable for office, school, and even home use. It comes with a standard 24-Inch screen display which is quite appealing to fit anywhere without consuming much space.

Recently the BenQ 24-Inch IPS monitor review was in very much demand due to its rich features and affordability. The stylish, solid and monitor with attractive specs have a lot to offer for just $119.99. at the right below, I will review the best gaming monitor in detail and disclose all its unique functions and features.

Main Features of the BenQ 24 Inch IPS Monitor

Specifications of BenQ 24 Inch Gaming Monitor

Before getting a new monitor, we must look out for its specifications, which give us a sound idea about the monitor and its durability. The most noticeable spec of a monitor is its screen size because the visual experience and comfort depend on the display. So, we have this 24-Inch screen size which is a standard size for office and home monitors. With 1920 x 1080 FHD resolution, it promises to deliver good image quality on-screen. Moreover, it has built-in IPS panel technology that ultimately justifies its lower price tag.

With two built-in speakers, the monitor is ready to keep you engaged. Also, the wide viewing angles of the monitor are pie on the cake. Besides, the monitor has VESA compatibility, so it’s better to maintain it the right way. Indeed, we miss the ergonomics support, but it’s not a problem with a tilt feature availability.

Finally, the most important thing is cleanliness and proper maintenance. BenQ understands the cables can get messy, and there should be something that manages them rightly. BenQ decides to introduce a cable management system that will take all the wires and fit them into itself.  Along with the management, BenQ wins the heart by integrating Eye-Care technology into its monitors. This tech is responsible for keeping our eyes safe no matter how long we spend in front of the screens. Surely, BenQ 24 Inch monitor is one of the best in the market.

Design and Performance

The overall design of the monitor is pretty much impressive. The matt black color with thin bezels gives enough room for the extended view of the screen. The monitor’s first impression is breathtaking as it is sleek, decent looking with standard screen size.

Also, you can trust BenQ with the build quality of its products. They are solid, sturdy, and benQ never compromises with their monitors’ durability, eventually giving the right product at the right price.

Apart from the appealing design, it also performs very well. You should not need to worry about scaling and contrasting as its resolution is compatible with its screen size. The image quality is incredible, with a 93% sRGB color gamut coverage area, sharp details, and reasonable contrast ratios. However, the monitor has some flaws that you won’t notice until giving it attention to the point. It is not a fast enough monitor, but it does minimize the blurring effect on the screen.

Connectivity Ports

BenQ 24 Inch gaming monitor may not offer a lineup of connectivity ports, but it has enough options that you may need to connect your laptop or any gaming console. It has one HDMI port, an audio in and out port for the sound system, a headphone jack port, one display, and a VGA port for the devices.

You would not find such ports at this price tag, so it is an excellent addition with integrated cable management to keep all the wires in one place, keeping it less messy from the back.

Other Features

BenQ 24 Inch monitor is also suitable for gaming purposes. It is better to change some settings from default when you plan to play games. First, find AMA’s option from the On-Screen display with the help of buttons available at the bottom of the screen. Set it to the “High” or “Premium” mode to get the games’ best response time performance.

You will also find the pre-calibrated picture that you can set according to the activity you’re performing on the screen. Besides, it is a great monitor option with a 60Hz refresh rate and only 5ms of response time. IPS panel maintains the low input lag that makes the monitor overall a tempting choice for gaming. 

Moreover, the built-in speakers produce the right frequency of sound, eliminating the need for external speakers. Anyways, a headphone jack and audio in and out ports are also available as an alternative. So, the sound system wouldn’t cost an extra $.




We are seeing gaming monitors with IPS tech to reduce the price tag and enhance the overall display quality. It is another valuable addition to the BenQ gaming monitors family. It has a standard 24-inch screen size suitable to place on an office desk or even in your bedrooms. Also, the display quality with high resolution is promising.

Ergonomic support could be the plus point, but I think we can compromise few things under this tight budget. The gaming features are incredible, and the connectivity is also advanced. Hence, it is a great option to consider for your tech collection.

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