Asus VG27AQ vs. VG27BQ

Asus VG27AQ vs. VG27BQ

Asus is one of the notable brands that has curated some of the best competitive gaming monitors, and each monitor of this brand is advanced and falls in a budget-friendly price range. There are plenty of monitors rich with features, and they offer a smooth gaming experience to the users. 

This article will share a comparison guide between the two best Asus gaming monitors: the VG27AQ and the VG27BQ. Even though the name of the two monitors is quite similar, there are significant differences that you must know about to make the right decision. 

Comparison Between Asus VG27AQ and VG27BQ

Build and Design

In a gaming monitor, the first thing that the users see is the appearance of the monitor. So the first comparison category that we are going to discuss is the build and the design that these two Asus gaming monitors have, and at the end, we will tell you which one is superior. In terms of the look, both the Asus VG27AQ and Asus VG27BQ have the same matte black design with a stand with a red ring. Both the models by Asus have a thin bezel design and come with an ergonomic stand that you can use to adjust the position and the height of the monitors. 

In the design, the best part is the notch that the manufacturers have provided in the stands. You can run the cable from the notch to have a clean space without wires running here and there. If you do not want to keep the monitors on a desk, you can use the VESA Mount feature. 

If we see closely, Asus VG27AQ and Asus VG27BQ have identical features in terms of appearance, and both have a robust build that makes them one of the superior gaming monitors by Asus in the market. So, in this category, there’s a tie. 

Colour Reproduction & Advanced Features

In the color reproduction and advanced feature category as well, we see some of the identical aspects. Both monitors offer outstanding color accuracy and coverage of a hundred percent sRGB space. Both VG27AQ and the Asus VG27BQ cover 16.7 million display colors and have a 1000:1 contrast ratio. In terms of advanced features, both the gaming monitors have shadow boost Technology that gives you a realistic and immersive experience even in the dark and black areas.

Manufacturers have added flicker-free technology and adaptive sync technologies in both the monitors so that you can experience true smooth and high-quality gaming. Just like the first category, in this one, we have to say there’s a tie between the Asus VG27AQ and the Asus VG27BQ. 

Display Panel & Resolution

The display panel plays a preeminent role in a gaming monitor, considering if you have a good panel in your monitor, the color reproduction will happen accordingly. You must know that there are different display panels in the market, such as VA, TN, IPS, and more. 

IPS panels are the most popular ones for Asus TUF gaming monitors, and IPS panels are known for outstanding color reproduction. Asus VG27AQ and VG27BQ both have IPS display panels with a resolution of 2560 x 1440, allowing you to experience enhanced graphics. Both the gaming monitors are 27 inches and offer a similar brightness level resolution and color reproduction quality. They both are still on the same level. 

Refresh Rate

While playing games, your monitor must display more pixels because the more pixels appear on the screen, the better the image you get to see. The pixel performance of a monitor depends on its refresh rate. 

As far as all the comparison categories that we have discussed, Asus VG27AQ and Asus VG27BQ have shown a similar level of quality. In terms of the reference rate, both offer a 165 Hz refresh rate that is overclockable. 

Response Time

Now comes the response time where the two monitors differ from each other. In comparing response time, Asus VG27BQ takes the lead by offering the fastest response time of 0.4ms. The quicker the response time, the better for a gaming monitor. 

On the other hand, Asus VG27AQ considers the response time of 1ms, which is still a fast response time, but the former Asus model is slightly better than the latter. Even though the difference in the response time is just 0.6ms, the competitive gamers will see a significant difference in the performance. 

Price Comparison

Before we tell you the price of each monitor, you must know that the B variant of this model is the successor of the A model. We thought that the new model by Asus would be expensive as compared to the previous one, but we were wrong. 

The Asus VG27BQ has some of the best features in terms of premium quality, and it is still cheaper than its predecessor, the VG27AQ. You can buy this gaming model by Asus at around $379.00. Whereas the “A” model costs around $409.00.

In short, the Asus VG27BQ is a reasonably priced 27-inch gaming monitor with outstanding features required by the users involved in competitive gaming. 

Comparison Between Asus VG27AQ and VG27BQ

The comparison between these two models is a bit difficult as the competition is cutthroat. Even though both the Asus models are pretty much the same in some of the features, by an inch of difference, Asus VG27BQ takes the lead

Asus VG27BQ proves to be superior as compared to the other Asus model. Considering the price also this model is better and cheaper than the Asus VG27AQ. 

Product Overview

  • Brand                           ASUS
  • Resolution                  QHD 2560×1440
  • Refresh Rate              165Hz
  • Screen Size                 27-Inch
  • Specific Use                Gaming, Personal
  • Price                             Under $350

Final Say

Asus VG27AQ and Asus VG27BQ both offer outstanding levels of response time, refresh rate, color accuracy viewing angles and are packed with some of the best gaming features that gamers will thoroughly enjoy. 

But if you don’t want to look at the differences that are just one or two, then either of these two models would be an excellent choice for you as they both offer impressive performance at large. 

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