ASUS PB278Q 27 Inch Monitor Review

Since 1989, ASUS has produced outstanding electronic products; specifically, their gaming monitors are worth buying. You can find a vast range of monitors with rich features and functions at different price ranges.

Moreover, since the technology is evolving with each passing day, ASUS is keen to introduce all the latest tech endeavors to enhance the customer experience. Somehow, the brand is doing great in the market and grabbing a huge market share with its best gaming monitors.

I will explore one of the best monitors from a lineup of gaming monitors and discover why it becomes the talk of the town.

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ASUS PB278Q Review

Product Overview

  • Brand               ASUS
  • Display Tech   LCD
  • Resolution      QHD Wide 1440p
  • Screen Size     27 Inches 
  • Connectivity   HDMI, display port, Dual-Link DVI
  • Color              Black
  • Price               Under $450

ASUS pb278q is a 27 Inch decent-looking TV that focuses on producing high definition display. Its pixel resolution density is much better than HD, resulting in more sharp details and accuracy on the screen. It features a Quad High Definition monitor with a PLS panel and LED Backlighting brings back life to the screen content.

Similarly, the PLS panel is responsible for delivering stunning image quality and impressive contrast with wide viewing angles to have a fantastic movie night with friends and family. Besides, the connectivity options could be better and more, but as soon as we can connect our laptops or a game console with a monitor, it should be enough.

Moreover, it is the most inexpensive monitor you can get with a 100% sRGB color gamut and ergonomic support. ASUS is kind enough to include luxurious features in its cheap monitor lineup to satisfy all your gaming and entertainment needs for good. Right below is a detailed list of all the worthy qualities of ASUS 27 Inch’s best gaming monitor.

ASUS PB278Q 27 Inch Monitor Features

Monitor Specifications and Key Points

If we roughly get an idea about the qualities that the monitor is bringing with it, we can recognize them after looking at specs. It is pretty much essential to have a look at specs before buying anything because you may live without a specific feature, but the absence of important spec could be a disaster.

Well, as like features, it is bringing a hub of attractive specs, including a PLS panel that enhances the display performance. Also, 1440p resolution is responsible for high pixel density on the screen for the precise image and sharp details. We have a 300 cd/m2 brightness level and a maximum of 80,000,000:1 contrast ratio, which is splendid. Similarly, the built-in speakers are another beautiful and valuable addition to the best gaming monitor. The speakers work incredibly, eliminates the need for external speakers. However, it comes with a headphone jack in case of an alternative.

Furthermore, it also includes a Hotkey that is easily accessible and designed to help you make different changes. Precisely, you can select among the video preset modes, adjust the brightness and color according to your needs, make auto adjustments, and much more. It also arrives with a height adjustment feature to provide a comfortable position that won’t make you tired after continuous use.

More Space for Multitasking

We should never forget about its giant screen size that offers you enough room to multitask. Now you can open multiple tasks simultaneously and never left behind at your work while watching your favorite show.

Furthermore, monitors with a giant screen that supports ergonomics with a tilt, height adjustments, and swivel at this price are a gift from heaven. It will be an ideal monitor for all your gaming and work routines.

Design and Performance

The overall design of the monitor is simple yet decent. The build quality is solid and robust, which makes it durable. Besides, it comes in black color, and the 27-inch screen size with slim bezels gives it a luxurious look in the living room.

As far as the monitor’s performance is concerned, it pretty much contains all the basic display features to deliver high-quality images with rich colors and quick object details. The QHD resolution promises incredible definition to whatever you play on your monitor. Moreover, it contains a smart contrast ratio that dynamically adjusts blacks and whites for better visuals.

ASUS Eye Care Tech

When you use a monitor for long hours, it may cause serious trouble for your eyes. Specifically, when the LED Backlight tries to maintain the display’s brightness, the lights on the screen can be disturbing. ASUS cared about its customer’s health and decided to get flicker-free certification to include this tech in all the monitors.

Likewise, you can use the monitor whenever you want, and it would never let your eyes stay fatigued. It is another excellent addition to this price range.


I must say connectivity options are limited but advanced. You will be getting the latest display connectivity option with HDMI 1.4, display 1.2, and DVI ports. Yes, USB port options are missing, but you can connect all the newest gaming consoles and laptops to never left behind.

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The most attractive monitor with QHD resolution is everything you need for your everyday use. The 27-Inch screen size is enough to help you multitask, and the PLS panel surprises you by enabling wide viewing angles.

Besides, six preset video modes automatically adjust the display needs according to what you’re watching. The ASUS eye care technology is a beautiful addition that saves your eyes from any harmful screen effect. What else we can expect from ASUS at this price range. It will be indeed significant to add in all your tech devices.

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