24 Inch Monitor vs. 27 Inch Monitor

24 Inch Monitor vs. 27 Inch Monitor

The problem with monitors or any electronic devices is that you cannot replace them regularly. Therefore you must choose the right monitor for your work. While buying a monitor, you must keep in mind plenty of things, but the size is the most important one and can be a difficult one to choose between. 

This article will compare the two most popular monitor sizes, 24 inches, and 27 inches, and by the end, we will also provide you with a brief guide regarding which monitor should be used for which purpose. In short, This article will be beneficial if you do not press the exit button. 

Comparison Between 27 Inch And 24 Inch Monitor

For gaming and normal purposes, 27 and 24-inch monitors are considered to be the most popular choices. Therefore, it cannot be evident for you to decide which one you should go for. Below, we will compare these two monitors on different parameters that will help you make a choice. 


Many people think that if a monitor is given 24 inches or 27 inches, that is the monitor’s actual size. Due to this, they forget to compare the dimensions of the two vital monitors. Many people generally measure the dimensions of a monitor horizontally and vertically, which is the wrong way. The right way to know the actual measurement of a monitor is diagonal. 

24″ and 27″ inches are not the actual sizes of your monitor. When calculating the monitor size, it is essential to know how many inches you have. It might seem vertical or horizontal, but it is diagonal, the right way to take the measurements. 

When you place a 24 to 27-inch monitor side by side and measure them diagonally, the approximate difference between the two would be around 7.5 inches, which is relatively small compared to when you see the two monitors from a distance. 

Image Quality

Another factor that you must consider is the image quality that each monitor offers. It is a fact that the larger the screen size, the less sharp the image quality would be. The reason for this is to start the image or the text to get ample space to spread out, due to which you can see the pictures a little blurry. 

The difference between a 27-inch monitor and a 24-inch monitor in terms of image quality is not significant. If you see the same images on these two monitors, you will see that the quality is quite similar, and you can even try zooming in and flipping the image or whatever you want to do. 


Installation of a monitor can be overwhelming, and it becomes even more difficult if you have a larger monitor. In terms of comparing the installation process of a 24-inch monitor and a 27-inch monitor, you get and are with the former. 

Installing a 27-inch monitor is not very easy because it’s large and takes a lot of space on the desk. Often people take the help of the experts to do that. But, a 24-inch monitor can be installed on your own, which is a plus point. 

Who Should Use a 24 inches Monitor?

A 24-inch monitor is an excellent choice for those with a small space who want to play FPS games. A 24-inch monitor keeps everything compact that allows you to see your enemies correctly in every corner. 

The monitor is compact and is a perfect size for professional gamers. This monitor size gives a comfortable view to the users, and you do not even have to sit at a very long distance or even close to the screen. 

Who Should Use a 27 inches Monitor?

A 27-inch monitor is more significant than a 24-inch monitor; therefore, there is an immense distance and area for the images and the text to fit. To see the large pictures, it is evident that you will have to sit at a certain distance to have a proper viewing angle. 

Suppose your monitor has a 1440p resolution with A 27-inch monitor. In that case, you will get an outstanding gaming experience, and you can even use the monitor for the graphic work as you get a more expansive space on the screen to adjust for all of your images. 

However, you may have to zoom in to see things clearly in some cases, which can be a bit of a hassle sometimes. However, a 27-inch monitor can be used for both playing games and professional work. 

Which One is Better in a Larger Picture?

If we consider these specifications that come in A 27 and 24-inch monitor, you have to give an upper hand to the 27-inch monitor that comes with better resolution than a 24-inch monitor. The pixel density and image quality provided by the 24-inch monitor happen at 1080p resolution. 

So in terms of the resolution and image quality, the 27-inch monitor takes the lead. Still, if you want to consider the price range of the two monitors, then a 24-inch monitor is relatively cheaper and more affordable. 

Any monitor with a 1440p resolution would be expensive because it is a new technology and therefore pricey. Another factor that makes a 27-inch monitor expensive compared to a 24-inch monitor is the requirement of a powerful GPU which is not required in the latter. 

So if you invest in A 27-inch monitor, you will have to invest in a powerful GPU that will increase the overall cost of your setup. To save up the price, you can go for a 27-inch monitor with 1080p resolution, which offers similar performance to a 24-inch monitor but on a larger screen. 

Product Overview

  • Brand                           Philips
  • Display                        FHD IPS 1080p 
  • Refresh Rate              75 Hz
  • Screen Size                 27-Inch
  • Specific Use                Gaming, Business
  • Price                             Under $200

Final Verdict

So, this was the complete comparison between a 24 inch and 27-inch monitor. After reading the article, we believe you would have got a better idea about which one is better than the other and for what purpose you should use which monitor. 

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